Loved... (part 2)

Hello! Welcome to part 2 of Loved... It's 6 am in the moring and I'm still halfway delusional... I mean sleepy... To make it even worse I have the fanny pack song stuck in my head! *sings* "I'll hit you with my 20 pound fanny pack!"

Here's a recap: Anaretta is still flashbacking about her "good old days" with Spencer Williams. (Darn, still sleepy! After I make this quiz, I'm taking a nap, and you can't stop me! You're not my real dad! - ha, ha! I got that off Comedy Barn, the most hilarious rhing in the world, located in Pigeon Forge.)

Created by: TNMEBDMS girl

  1. So Spencer and I were just staring at each other in math class. Our dreamily stares was interrupted by the annoying teacher's voice, "Well, Mr. William?" Spencer blushed as the teacher glared at him. "Umm..." Spencer replied. "Maybe you should pay attention, and stop staring at Miss Cliff!" the teacher said. Now we were both blushing and all the other kids were snickering at us. You definitely know you're in trouble when a teacher calls you by your last name!
  2. "Just kill me now...", I thought. The teacher spoke again, "x = 6". Just then the bell rang. "Thank God.", I said under my breath again. I ran out of the classroom quickly.
  3. Spencer and I met by my locker. He came up to me laughing as I pulled my science book out of my locker. "Hey, you got in trouble too." I said. "So." he said, almost dying with laughter. "Whatever." I replied, heading to science, and of course Spencer followed me. "Come on, Anaretta. Lighten up." Spencer said. "Hurry up! I don't want to almost be late again." I yelled behind me. Spencer caught up to me, "We won't be late, come on." he said. He sat next to me in science. Fortunately, we didn't get caught passing notes...
  4. I opened the note. In tiny, scribbly letters it said: I like you. Do you wanna go out sometime? How did a guy like that, want a girl like me? I checked yes and sent it back to Spencer. He smiled as he opened it back up. I tried my best to pay attention in class, but my eyes stranded to his irresistible smile every once in a while. Spencer, however, payed no attention to class. He kept giving me flirty smiles and adorable, yet pathetic, little waves. Even I could resist smiling. Good thing we were the only people in the back row.
  5. The rest of the day went by mostly like this: Spencer sat next to me in every class, and flirted with me between every class. I don't know how many times "hot" slipped out again. (me- way more than she wanted it to! That's all I'm saying!) Every time I'm around him, his sweet voice sinks into my ears and "hot" is the only think that manages to get of my mouth. Spencer didn't care though, he was my totally adorable package. (me- Aw, young love, even though I'm younger than her, and don't have a boyfriend. Man, probably shouldn't have that on the internet where everyone can see it... Oh well, I don't care).
  6. After my last class was over (I have them all with Spencer, yay!), Spencer followed me to my locker. "Friday, 7:30." he said. "What" I asked. "Our date." he replied. "Where?" I asked. "My place. No one's ever really home. I'll pick you up, give me your address." Spencer said. I grabbed a slip of paper and wrote my address and cell number. I handed the paper to him. "Good-bye kiss?"he asked. I rolled my eyes, but who was I kidding, I wanted that kiss more than he does!
  7. After all that I nearly fainted, and once again "hot" slipped out of my mouth. We were both hopeless romantics. I couldn't sleep that night. The only thing that I could think about was Spencer. I did doze off once though, and of course my dream was about Spencer. Tomorrow was Friday! Yay!
  8. At school the next day I was really excited. I jumped out of bed with Spencer in my head. (me- I had no intention of rhyming...). When I got to school I ran straight for my locker, hoping Spencer was there, he wasn't. I waited for a while. As I waited I looked around for Spencer. My heart sank when I saw...
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