How much are you like me? [singin234]

I made this quiz because I was board and for fun. How much are you like me? Spry for my spelling. My iPod changes it, it does! So are you like me? Or

Are we so different? Find out and take this. How much are you like me? 0% to 100% Find out now and you can skip this. There is thunder outside right now,

Created by: singin234
  1. What color do you hate?
  2. Fav animal?
  3. What's your Fav colour?
  4. Are you a sweet tooth?
  5. Do have brothers or sisters
  6. Do you make story quizzes on go to quiz?
  7. What comes first, Friends or Family?
  8. You friends are...
  9. Step mum or dad or brother or sister?
  10. Are you good at spelling?
  11. Math?
  12. Are you depressed?

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Quiz topic: How much am I like me? [singin234]