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  • Oh. MY. Freaking. Gingerbread. SINGIN! It's really you! *jumps up and down* *flying bear hugs* I was just realizing today that I haven't been on GTQ in weeks, and I couldn't believe my eyes when I was scrolling through the new quizzes list and saw your name. *pushes glasses up* Now time to read.

    I'm reading this! ^.^ I'll pass it on to Aria too - did you remember her birthday was yesterday? I can't believe she's 15 x) I feel so ancient. You're not ugly, and neither are you "not smart"! Hehe, I think mythology is cool too x) and dreaming ~~

    *hugs tightly* I know you care, dear. You're so sweet; I love you *heart*

  • Hi, I'm Lone. I remember you vaguely, although I don't think we ever really talked. Anyways, I'd like to let you know that I did take your quiz. ^-^ I would love to kik you just to talk but, unfortunately, I don't have a kik. You should make another account (or use your old one) and chat on the forums. Your quiz was very encouraging, thanks you~

  • We are exactly the same except I would rather get bullied, I'm ten, And I hate my family and a lot of them disappeared or is dying or is dead (PS: Do you have a Roblox account? If so I'm F65504)

  • Hey singin234... i read this quiz... And i agrEe with everything you say...about being bullied for whatever reasons... And yes... i also had heavy depression when i was 13.. so bad that i turned to self-harm... So. i know exactly how you feel!!! Hehe.. But I'm over that now... Its been a year since I've cut myself... i am 14 now... And its kinda wierd for me.. i used to alweays only read people that are older than me's quizes... Untill i found your account... Hehehe.. i L.O.V.E your quizzes... U should deffenantly continue!!!*....

  • @loneshadowWolf thank you. I guess I should get on gtq more, Through forums are had to chat on (when your on your phone) through ill try. Thank you again


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