Strong as a Wolf part 2

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Alright, I want to thank everyone for the wonderful support I've been getting, I love all of y'all, you're so amazing! You make me all warm and fuzzy inside :)

Character descriptions: You:Straight, medium length black hair and amber eyes/Jole:Medium length (for a guy), slightly wavy white-blond hair, violet eyes, fit, a bit skinny/Gavin:Brown hair spiked up in the front, deep, caring brown eyes, nice build, fit/Phoenix:Shaggy red hair, puppy-dog-brown eyes, a bit skinny but fit/Tristan:Shaggy black hair, ice blue eyes, fit but not grossly muscular, say in the comments your favorite guy!

Created by: LoneShadowWolf

  1. 1-*Jaylen's POV* I moan and jerk upright, hands flailing. I remember a guy with red hair, aiming something at me...Then a dot of pain...Wait, where was I? Turning, I realize I'm in my bed, in my room. Was that all a dream? I don't even remember getting on the bus. Running my hands through my hair, I swing my legs over the bed and stand up. Good thing it's a Saturday, because it's nearly ten o'clock. Suddenly fragments of memories flash through my head. ~Tristan, eying me with obvious eagerness. He wanted to tell me something, but what? ~Violet eyes gazing at me sympathetically ~Gavin looking shocked as I did something, what was it that I did? ~A redhead with puppy dog brown eyes blowing, and a spark of pain ~Lastly, Darkness~ "I think I'm going nuts." I mumble, pulling on a pair of skinny jeans and a loose t-shirt. Grabbing my cellphone, I dial Kat's number and wait as it rings. And rings. And rings. I'm about to hang up when a click on the other end signifies someone had finally picked it up. "You sure won't give up, will you?" A voice asks. It's not Kat's voice, though. It's male, and vaguely familiar. "Um, hi, do you know Kat?" "Sure." The voice responds. "Can I speak to her?" I ask. "Nope, she's busy with, well, business." The voice responds. "Then why are you answering her cell? And she told me she was sick." I say. "I'm answering her cell because I thought it would never stop ringing. Who is this?" The voice asks. "Jaylen." I answer, wondering if I should have given this guy my name. The voice on the other says something I can't distinguish. "Excuse me?" I ask. "Drat. Um, Jaylen...Kat IS sick, but she's working on some schoolwork, so she can...catch up. That's her business." He sounds pretty uncertain. "Well, I'm coming over." I snap into the phone. "NO! I mean, no, she's sick, remember?" The voice replies. "Pshaw, I don't mind being sick as long as I'm with my best friend. I've only seen her once this week. Goodbye." I hang up with a smirk and a bit of excitement building up. I've never been in Kat's house before, but I've seen it. IT'S HUGE! The size of three mansions. She claims it's like a hotel, that lots of people live there and it's better to just come to my house. Not today. I pull on a pair of boots and barrel downstairs. My mom greets me, brushing her blonde hair out of her eyes. She gives me a little frown as she hands me a plate of pancakes. "What's wrong, Mom?" I ask, trying not to sound exasperated. My mom doesn't really understand me, and she's always getting mad at me for some reason. Dad isn't much better. "A guy brought you in passed out last night." She says, disapproval heavy in her voice. I rub my temples. "What'd he look like?" "Brown hair, nice build, deep brown eyes." She explains.
  2. "Gavin?" I ask, shocked. Why was he bringing me home? "You know him?" Mom prods. "No, he's just in a few of my classes. We never speak to each other, and we aren't together or anything." I say, suppressing a blush. "He said he found you outside of school." Mom continues, "What happened?" "I don't remember in anything." I confess, shaking my head. At the same time I remember the memory flashes I had this morning. What was going on? "Are you sure?" My mom says. "Gee, if I could tell you I would. I don't remember anything." I reply sarcastically. "Don't use that tone of voice with me, young lady. I'm worried about you. You've been gone so much lately, and now some strange boy brings you in, passed out..." She trails off, but I see through her act. She isn't worried about me, but she's worried about Kevin, my perfect younger brother, who just happens to go to the same school as me. He has perfect grades, tons of friends, and plays football. He's fourteen, and all the girls are drooling over him, with his nice muscles, blonde hair and adorable hazel eyes. No wonder my mom prefers him, the cute, smart, perfect son, over me, the quiet, slender girl who rarely has 'private, face-to-face talks' with her like Kevin. "You're just worried about Kevin." I say. "Of course I am, but I'm worried about you too." Mom answers, not sounding convicted about this detail. "Whatever, I don't know what happened." I say, taking a bite of pancake. "Should we call the police?" Mom frets. "If it happens again, do. I had a headache all day yesterday, maybe it was just that." I lie. No way do I want the police there, courtesy of my mom. There goes my tiny reputation. "I'm going to Kat's." I tell her, throwing the paper plate into the trash. "Again?" She complains. "Mom, I've never been to Kat's house before." I remind her, pulling on a jacket. "Then where have you been lately?" She accuses, and I freeze. I've been in the woods surrounding our tiny neighborhood. I've recently had a yearning to be there, where it's peaceful, calm, and beautiful. But Mom and Dad hate us going in there, claiming the place is unhealthy. So it's a private secret. "Where HAVE you been?" Mom asks again. "Um, at a different friend's house." I hurriedly explain. "I didn't know you had more then one friend." She says. "Thanks for the pep talk. Her name is, uh, Ana." I say, then mentally scold myself. Ana is an annoying know-it-all from my class. I really hope my mom doesn't try to meet her or anything. "Bye." I snap at my mom, who's greeting Kevin as he stomps down the stairs. Before her or Kevin can say anything, I slide out the door, reveling on the fresh air, so different from the stifled air of the indoors.
  3. Suddenly, my cell rings. Jumping, I cock my head at the unfamiliar ringtone. "Baby, baby, baby, oh..." Compliments of Kevin, who had the ridiculous notion I should be obsessed with Justin Bieber, and is constantly setting my ringtone to his songs. As if I'd ever get Bieber Fever. I roll my eyes as I hit the talk button. "Hi." "Hey, Jaylen, listen," It's Kat, "You can't come over. I'm really sick. I haven't felt this bad in, like, forever! I don't want you to get sick, too." She reports. "Kat, we're best friends. Does sickness really stop us from seeing each other?" I say. "No, but it's really bad...I can barely do homework that Gavin brought me-oops." She says. I feel my mouth drop open. "You know Gavin?" I ask. "Yeah, not real well, the, uh, teacher assigned him to bring me homework." She answers. "I'm coming over anyway." I insist, walking a little faster. "No, please don't, I'm not allowed to have company. My mom wants to, um...keep the virus contained." "Don't you live in a hotel? There's lots of people in hotels." I point out. "Yeah, but I have my own room, silly. Since we own the hotel, We have a small wing that's just ours. It's actually more of a boarding school, which my parents and lots of their friends teach. "Really. You've never told me that." I try to keep the accusing note out of my voice. It's almost as if Kat doesn't want to see me. "We don't really talk about where I live often. But you can't see me. I should be able to get back to school on Monday or Tuesday, see you then. Bye." Kat hung up. I fight back the tears that threaten to come out. My emotions are strung high, as if something inside me is trying to escape, making my emotions heighten. But Kat is my only friend, since, like, forever. Now she doesn't even want to see me, using being sick as an excuse. Angry, I shove my phone into my pocket after changing the ringtone to Taylor Swift's I'm Only Me When I'm With You. Sure, it's supposed to be about a boy and girl, but the lyrics are good for me and Kat, too. She's the only one I can be myself around, the only one who understands me. "Friday night beneath the stars, in a field behind your yard, you and I are paintin' pictures in the sky. And sometimes we don't say a thing; just listen to the crickets sing. Everything I need is right here by my side. And I know everything about you I don't wanna live without you. I'm only up when you're not down. Don't wanna fly if you're still on the ground. It's like no matter what I do. Well you drive me crazy half the time; the other half I'm only trying to let you know that what I feel is true. And I'm only me when I'm with you. Just a small town boy and girl livin' in a crazy world. Tryin' to figure out what is and isn't true. And I don't try to hide my tears. The secrets or my deepest fears. Through it all nobody gets me like you do. And you know everything about me. You say that you can't live without me. When I'm with anybody else it's so hard to be myself. Only you can tell. That I'm only up when you're not down. Don't wanna fly if you're still on the ground. It's like no matter what I do. Well you drive me crazy half the time; the other half I'm only trying to let you know that what I feel is true. And I'm only me Who I wanna be Well, I'm only me when I'm with you With you Uh huh Yeah" I sing the lyrics quietly under my breath. Kat is a friend like that. I wonder if I'll ever have a guy in my life that. I mentally scoff. Probably not.
  4. I start to trudge home but change my mind and head towards the huge woods that surround out whole neighborhood, which hold less than fifteen houses. As soon as I enter the trees, my breathing is easier, and my tensed shoulders relax. I throw back my head to stare at the dappled sunlight filtering through the leaves. I suddenly have the overwhelming urge to howl, like a dog. My lips part to do so, but I stop. What in the world am I thinking? Who randomly howls like a wolf in a forest? Someone would probably hear, think we have coyotes, call the police, and the police would come and tear the forest apart trying to look for the nonexistent animals. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating. A bit. But seriously, I don't know what came over me. It's like there's an animal inside of me, trying to escape, trying to force itself out. Shaking my head, I let out a growl of frustration. Wait, what? A growl? That's not right. 'What's wrong with me?' I wonder. Passing it off as the woods taking it's very own wild effect on me, I plunge deeper than ever before into the trees. I pass a creek and sit by it. A twig cracks behind me, and I whirl around. A boy about my age stands there. He has tousled russet hair and deep brown eyes. Something tugs at my memory...I've seen him before, but where? "What're you doing here?" He asks, masking surprise behind an air of lofty boredom. "Breathing." I retort sarcastically. "Whatever. I'm Phoenix." He doesn't push the subject, but plops down beside me and literally twiddles his thumbs. "My name is Jaylen." I tell him. "Nice name." He comments offhandedly. I shrug and watch a leaf float down the current. "So, how's life?" he finally asks. I shoot him a surprised look. "Why should I tell someone I don't know about my life?" I ask him. He cocks is head at me. "You gotta tell someone, might as well start here. I'm good at keeping secrets." He winks cockily at me. I stare at him then avert my gaze to my hands. "My best and only friend is super sick and won't let me visit her." I finally admit. "Dude, I had friends like that. Eventually, they thought I was a freak and a weirdo. But I've gotten new friends, and they've been with me through thick and thin." Phoenix says. "Why did they think you were a freak?" I ask curiously. "That's for me to know and you to find out." He whispers softly. I glance at him and see that he's lost his know-it-all, cocky demeanor, and now looks uncertain and a bit shy. "Oh." I say, not knowing why he's suddenly so moody. "Listen, I gotta go. Nice officially meeting you, Jaylen. Here's my cell. Call if you need something, or if something, well, freaky happens. I understand." He gives me a slip of paper with a number and saunters off. "Wait! What kind of freaky things?" I call after him. But he's gone, and I only spot a bit of gold flash, maybe a ray of sunlight catching his red hair. I start to run after him, but when I reach the spot, Phoenix is gone. I shake my head and make my way out of the woods.
  5. I stomp into the house and shake dark hair in front of my eyes, hoping my mom can't tell there's something wrong with me. My fatal flaw: Every emotion shows in my eyes, I just can't shut myself up like some people can. My eyes always reveal what I'm thinking. As I walk inside, I look around. It's silent, and the TV isn't on, like it always is on Saturdays. My heart races, what if something bad happened? Wouldn't be the first bad thing that has happened lately. I walk into the kitchen, and see a spot of blood on the island in the middle of the large room. I gasp and, against my will, step forward. It's a small puddle of crimson red, and I wonder who it belonged to. Sure, Kevin gets on my case, but I don't' won't his blood shed. What if he's dead? And what of Mom and Dad? I walk closer with a gulp, breathing shallowly. I start as I realize it isn't blood. Letting out a cry of relief, I study the words written on a -huge relief- crimson red sticky note. "Jaylen, we're going to go see 'The Avengers,' we were going to call you but you're cellphone wouldn't pick up. There's sandwiches for lunch, we'll be home around 2:00" My fear and panic is replaced by anger. I've wanted to see that movie forever! But, no, perfect Kevin gets to go. Anger, hot and furious, snakes it's way up. I was probably in the woods, where there wasn't a reception. Great, just great. They just HAD to leave without me! Couldn't they have waited, just for a few moments? The movie, I'm, pretty sure, doesn't start until 12:00. Glancing at the clock, I see that it's 11:00. Gah! Yes, they could have waited. I feel a snarl emerge out of my throat, and I slam my hand on the table, growling. I'm too angry to notice the strange noises that belong to a wolf are coming out of my throat. I feel my body contort, twist, change. And I've shrunk to about half the size of an island. I trot to the door and shove it open with my nose. Wait, nose? Yes, a long black nose, with a wet, black, snout protrudes from my face. I shudder with revulsion, and twirl around. A long, black, tail emerges from a black rump. I turn around and run to the bathroom. I stare at my reflection. A small but lean black wolf stares back at me, lips parted in a snarl.
  6. I stare at my reflection. I'm not a wolf, I'm a teenage girl. Shuddering, I step away from my reflection, What happened? How could this be? Suddenly, I don't care. I'm a wolf. I'm free of my human body that can't run like a wolf, can't hunt like a wolf, can't smell or hear or see like a wolf. This is better. Instead of puzzling over it, I prance over to the open door and lope outside. The Fall breeze, gentle and crisp, greets me. I throw back my head and howl, deep, long, and melodious. Then I run. I run for I don't know how long, into the woods, without tiring. Finally, I stop by the brook and see a break in the trees. I drink for a long time then, panting, tongue out of my mouth, I head toward the break. I'm completely wolf, I have no human thoughts left. I'm a wild thing, with no thought for Jaylen, only thought for me, the black, lone wolf. I'm strong as a wolf, and I'll forever be this way. I remember nothing of Kat, or Kevin, or my parents leaving me. I'm a wolf, free, fierce, alone. I'm wild. The wolf has taken over and won, the human has lost and is cowering in a corner. I am a wolf, free to do as I like, free from the bonds of being a human. I'm feral, untouched by the humans. I'm a wolf. I have thoughts like a wolf. I think about eating and hunting, wonder if any other wolves are nearby, if I should stay a loner or join, or start a pack. I decide to stay a lone wolf, and with that decision, I reach the break in the woods. It opens to something big, hard and black. Two yellow stripes are in the middle. Huge machines, of all shapes and sizes, zoom at unimaginable speed past me. Undaunted, I step across. Wolves are leaders of the woods, not to be afraid of these contraptions. Then I get hit by one, and go flying through the air with a cry. I land hard with a yip, pain flaring through my side. The last thing I realize is that my body has morphed back into that of a human's, and a car has pulled over. Humans are yelling and pointing. I pass out.
  7. I jerk up out of the bed, but I can't. I'm restrained by strong cloth straps wrapped around my legs, torso, and shoulders. Turning my head, I wonder where I am and struggle against the straps. They aren't breaking any time soon, so I stop struggling although my body is still tense. I realize I'm in a hospital bed, in a hospital room. Pain splits through my side, and it's heavily bandaged. Why am I constrained? Then, with a flash of memories, I remember. Me, a wolf, running into a road. Me, a wolf, getting hit by a car. Me, a wolf, turning into me, Jaylen. How is this possible? Panicked, I begin to strain and thrash against the bands around me, loud growls coming wildly from my throat. Just then, a man walks in. He's wearing a white lab coat, with short dark brown hair and icy eyes. He observes me as I struggle, and then slowly stop, panting. "Ready to talk?" He asks. "About what?" I spit out. "Never, in the history of science, have we seen someone morph into an animal. Yet, eyewitnesses claim you did. Luckily, someone was smart enough to take a video." He replies coyly. I shudder. "I don't know how, I don't understand. I was angry, and then I was a wolf. I ran out of my house and I lost myself, I was the wolf, not myself. Then I got hit by a car, and woke up here. I don't remember anything else." I say, for what reason, I don't know. I don't want him to know, but his cool grin tells me I have two choices: 1) tell all I know/ and/2) be forced to tell all I know. "You're lying." He hisses, pulling a CD out of his coat and inserting it into the tiny TV across from my bed. "I swear, I'm not!" I try not to whimper. The wolf is still inside of me, scrabbling to get out. I shove it back down, but it won't stay there for long. Without a word, the man sits on the edge of my bed without touching me. Images pop up, a bit fuzzy and clouded. There was a black wolf lying in the road, blood coming from its side. Slowly, the wolf's form shimmered and reformed into ME. Jaylen. A teenage girl, not a wolf. I recoil as much as I can. This is impossible. I'm not a wolf! The man turns on me. "Is there more?" He asks. "Mo-more of what?" I stutter, trying to keep my cool. "Of you, more who can turn into animals." He snaps, and approaches me. I squirm but my bonds allow me no slack. He presses his hand on my side where the wound is and pushes down. I cry out in pain as he applies more and more pressure. "I-I don't know!" I howl in pain as his other hand slaps me across the face hard, splitting my lip. He releases the pressure and I let out a sigh of relief. "You don't?" "Yes! I don't know!" I say. He leaves the room without a word.
  8. I moan and wonder where if my parents are home yet, if they're worrying about me. I hope they release me. Suddenly, the window in the wall explodes into tiny particles. I start and twist my head to see a large brown hawk fly in the room. Cocking its' head, it studies me with intelligent brown eyes. I'm not sure what to think. Then the hawk's form grows and twists, and Gavin is standing there. I let out a strangled yelp. He grins at me and winks, then pulls a large pocketknife from his pocket. I squirm away from him. "Jaylen, don't get the wrong idea," He says, "I'm freeing you." He saws through the straps and instantly I roll out of bed and into a crouch, my side throbbing. I ignore the pain and gauge him with a hard gaze. "Jaylen, we'll explain everything. Just come on." He urges. "We?" I prod, not budging. Blood is seeping through my bandage. "We." A new voice breaks in, one slightly familiar. Phoenix jumps in through the window and grins at me, sticking his hands in his pocket. I goggle at him. "Phoenix? Why are you here?" I gasp. He shrugs and gestures through the window. A teenage boy leaps in at the sign. He has innocent blue eyes and purple hair. He smiles at me and his form shrinks and changes until a lynx with blue eyes stares at me. "Stop showing off, Payton." Phoenix says with a smirk. The lynx shakes it's head and turns once again into the boy, apparently named Payton. I stare, shocked. then two more boys hop into the window. A boy with white-blonde hair and violet eyes, and Tristan. I gasp and back up against the wall. "Come on, Jaylen. We won't hurt you. I'm Jole, that's Payton, this is Phoenix, and I believe you know Gavin and Tristan." The boy with violet eyes says. I don't move but just stare. "I'm not going anywhere until you explain." I insist. To my surprise, Jole nods. "Only fair." He agrees. Payton bounds to the door, and I wonder how old he is. He looks to be younger then me, about thirteen. He turns into a lynx and lays down in front of the door, guarding it. Phoenix sits on the bed with Gavin, Tristan and Jole. "A long time ago," Tristan starts in a boring, monotonous voice. Gavin elbows him and Tristan tumbles off backward. He pops back up and grabs Gavin in a headlock. Phoenix grins and jumps on Gavin, trying to wrestle him away from Tristan. "Tristan! Let go of Gavin. Phoenix, get off. I'LL explain." Jole says with a glare. Although he's not any older than the rest of the guys, he seems to be the leader. "We're in a government facility. If we're found..." Jole trails off ominously. Tristan shoves Gavin away and hoists Phoenix off Gavin by the shirt, transferring him to the bed. "A long time ago, one person discovered he had a special gift. He could turn into a cat. He kept it a secret. No one ever knew, and soon other people who could also turn into animals begin appearing, always in secret. Soon one person took charge and led the animuns, as they called themselves, because they were animal humans. They formed a group, and to this day, animuns seek us for refuge, because we protect them. The few animuns who have ever been captured have never been heard of again. The current leader of the refuge for animuns is called Mr. Graff. There are a few other refuges in different places in the world, but Mr. Graff runs the one here, the one where we live. It holds all kinds of animuns looking for an explanation and a way to control their powers, so we train them, even run a small boarding school for those who aren't in control enough to go to public school." Jole finishes and stares at me for my reaction. I sink to the floor in shock. Emotions well up, and I'm a wolf again. Tristan is across the room in a second, and puts his hand on my furry shoulder. I snarl. "Relax, Jaylen. Don't forget who you are. Remember yourself. You are Jaylen. Concentrate on turning back." He says quietly. His words flow through me, and slowly I turn back into a human, breathing hard. I remember seeing them talking about me outside of school, and I understand. "SO this is the secret?" I say. Tristan nods. I totter to my feet and pass out. I'm too tired to be frightened, and I sense that these boys will keep me safe. I barely feel Tristan grab me as I fall forward.
  9. *Tristan's POV* I stare at Jaylen, unconscious in my arms. I feel bad for what I have to do on Monday, hand her over to who knows who. But I need to find my sister. We'd escaped out of the window again, Jaylen draped across my shoulder. Now Jole drove us to the mansion. He's fifteen, but we tricked some poor guy into thinking he's sixteen and so Jole has a license. He pulls in front of the massive house and Kat runs out in her cat form, a dappled brown female. She jumps on the hood of the car and through the open window on the top. In seconds, she's in my lap staring at Jaylen, bright hazel cat-eyes wide. "She's fine, Kat." I say in encouragement. Kat nods and turns into a human after jumping out of the now still car. "Tell me everything!" She says to Payton, whom she likes even though he's two years younger. Payton shrugs and starts to do just that. I stride into the mansion, Jaylen still in my arms, and deposit her into an empty room. I glare at her, hating the soft emotions welling up. I'm getting Holly back, that's that, even if I have to sacrifice Jaylen. I turn on my heel and walk away.
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