Wolf Roleplay #2(Girls please!)

Hello, Peoplez!!! XD This is my second Wolf Roleplay quiz I have done so far and I hope you like it! I got nice comments from the first Wolf Roleplay quiz, so I decided to make a second one! Enjoy!

Ok, so your result is going to tell you which wolf is going to save you. And that will be based on which answers you choose in the actual quiz part! So, as always, be honest!

Created by: LadyRainicorn
  1. We left off at hearing a growl inside the cave, right?
  2. Ok! The growl gets louder and louder. It was a bear! "Run!" Kaori howls and takes off, followed by you and the others. Once you were at a safe distance, you slow down, "We can't go back there..." Dawn barks.
  3. You continue on walking, Maori helping you walk around. You arrive back at the lake where you found the deer.
  4. "We shouldn't have stayed in that cave!" Fang growled. Millin, the youngest in the group, limped over to the rest of the wolves whimpering.
  5. Dawn glances at Millin, "Uh...you ok?" Millin looks up, "It's fine! I slipped and hit a rock, that's all!" Maori barks, "Why don't we rest around here?"
  6. Luckily, you have a nice rest. You wake up to find that only Dawn was at the camp.
  7. "The others are out hunting..." He barks, looking straight forward.
  8. Dawn looks at you and barks, "uhh...Im gonna take a walk." And trots into the bushes. You are waiting all alone for a while when a black wolf comes out of nowhere and pins you down.
  9. The wolf bites your leg, causing you to bleed. You start to feel light-headed from losing too much blood...
  10. End of #2! So, who do you want to save you from the evil wolf? Yes, this WILL effect who to get a little bit!
  11. Who do you THINK you will get? This one doesn't effect your result at all.

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