Wolf Roleplay #1(Girls please!)

This is a story about five wolves who are lost in the wilderness. But guess what? You are one of them! You are able to talk and do things just like the other wolves! Have fun!

Rules~ 1. Have fun //2. No mean things in comments please!// 3. No spamming in comments!// 4. Be truthful in answering question! No one likes a liar!

Created by: LadyRainicorn
  1. Did you read the description?
  2. Lets start! You are walking around in your pack, The Pack of the Mountains, when you hear gunfire. You turn and see a group of hunters.
  3. No matter what, a hunter catches you and throws you against a tree and knocks you out. You wake up later in truck full of straw. You look around and see three other wolfs staring at you.
  4. A gray wolf pads up to you, "Greetings. My name is Fang." His gives you a emotionless glare and a white wolf runs up to you, "Hi! The name is Millin! Lets be friends!" A tall brown wolf pads up and barks, "Hello. I'm Maori. Nice to meet you." A shy, but handsome red wolf comes up last, "Dawn..."
  5. Maori steps forward, "We were all separated from our packs by the hunters. If we don't escape soon, we will be goners."
  6. Millin spots the latch, "How about that?" He grabs the latch and opens it. The next thing that happens is all five wolves are pulled out of the moving truck. You fall on your leg and break it.
  7. "Sorry, everyone!" Millin barks and looks at the ground. Fang pads up to you, "Can you walk?" He stares at you blankly.
  8. You try to stand up but the searing pain from your leg was too much and you fall over. You end up with Maori and Millin on either side of you, helping you walk. Fang and Dawn were leading the other wolves.
  9. "I have no idea where we are going to go in a place like this!" Fang mutters quietly. You take the time to look around you for a second. This area was strange. There was snow every where you looked. There were trees, but the leaves looked more needle-shaped than teardrop-shaped like in your pack.
  10. You finally come across a frozen over lake. On the other side of the lake was a deer. It didn't see you guys yet, so you had the advantage. Fang and Dawn chase after it and take it down. They drag it back over to the others and the pack digs in.
  11. Dawn breaks some of the ice on the lake so that they could drink some water. After you all had a nice drink, you get going again. Nearby, you find a cave. You gather some moss to lie down on and settle down.
  12. Everyone settles in and goes to sleep. Just moments later, every one is woken up by a deep, loud roar coming from deeper in the cave....
  13. End of #1!

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