Wolf Roleplay: Introduction (For Females!)

Hallo! Just to get straight to the point, this is the introduction, meaning this is where you meet the wolves... Nothing else! I'll have Part One out soon enough! But for now, have fun taking this quiz!

I'll have Part One out soon! Sorry if the introduction isn't the greatest! I hope you like it, anyways! This was just to let you know what their personalities and appearances are!

Created by: hvduncui cykfg

  1. You sat down neatly, your tail tucked over your paws. 'I wonder when Boulder will return?' You thought impatiently. Suddenly, there was a howl of pain. As soon as you realized who the howl was from, you backed away, filled with both fear and terror.
  2. Slowly, you turned away, your tail tucked between your legs. 'How?' You thought. Listening to the birds chirping, you sighed. Suddenly, you realized there were four paths, leading to different places. You chose the first path with enthusiasm, taking your mind off Boulder.
  3. You followed the first path, wondering where it led to. Thinking about Boulder, you accidentally stepped on a twig, causing it to snap. There was a low growl to be heard. "Who's there?" The voice growled. "You're on my pack's territory! Show yourself!" The voice grew louder, seeming to be getting closer.
  4. Unexpectedly, a handsome oak-colored wolf stepped out from behind a bush. His furious eyes softened when he saw it was just you.
  5. "Oh. It's just you. A lone female. I hate to break it to you, but you're on my pack's territory. I'm afraid you have to leave." He huffed softly. "Oh, do I?" You growled quietly. You:
  6. (If you chose to fight him): You bit his shoulder, your teeth sinking into his soft flesh. He yelped, trying to bat you off with his front paws. "Leave!" He barked furiously, scraping your eye. "Fine!" You growl. "I'll come back!" You swore revenge.
  7. (If you chose to leave politely): "Alright. Thank you." You turned to leave politely. "Thank you," He softly woofed. "It's no problem," You replied.
  8. (If you chose to flirt): You stepped closer. "Why would I, cutie?" You whispered. "Stop. Please leave." He batted your face softly. "Fine, but only for you. You're so cute." You then step away, leaving him.
  9. (If you chose to intimidate him): You stepped closer. "Why should I? You're not the boss." You growled intimidatingly. "Leave before I call the pack, please." He growled. Filled with frustration, with a huff, you left.
  10. As you left with a huff, you thought to yourself:
  11. As you padded into a course clearing filled with enthusiasm, you heard a soft puffs, as if something was struggling to breathe while doing something You followed the sounds, wondering where it led to.
  12. A large black wolf was clinging to the edge of the cliff! You noticed how calm he was being, whatsoever... You rushed to help him.
  13. "Stop!" He growled as you reached in to take carry by his scruff. You stopped as he said this, listening to what he had to say. "I can help myself. Back away!" Slowly, you backed away, waiting for his head to appear. Within a few minutes, he appeared at the top, reaching for the final step. "Wow! Good job! You must be strong to--""Yeah, yeah, I know." He interrupted, walking past you.
  14. "What are you doing?" You questioned as he started digging in some soft dirt. "Can you go away? I don't need a stupid female to ruin my alone time. Leave." He snarled, not looking up.
  15. "Just leave, already!" He barked ferociously, now looking up to you to stare into your eyes with an aggressive flame. "What do you want to do!? Fight!? If so, then I'll rip you to shreds!" He took a step closer, aggressively. You:
  16. (If you chose to fight him): You growled, stepping closer until you were only a nose length from him. "If it's a fight you want, then it's a fight you'll get!" You whispered before trying to bite his ear. His reaction was lighting quick! He dodged your attack before he swatted your legs with his strong paws, causing you to fall down. 'He's too strong!' You thought. "Leave before I don't give you any mercy," he towered over you, snarling ferociously. You stood up, limping swiftly away.
  17. (If you chose to leave): You padded away, peeking back behind you at him. He had continued digging, not even seeming interested in you.
  18. (If you chose to flirt): "Oh, but why? You're really cute. You know that?" You smirked, stepping closer. "Back off," He barked, showing his long, sharp fangs. "And why should I? You should be interested in me, like I am in you." You stepped closer until you were a tail length away from him. Without a warning, he immediately bit your nose. You yelped in pain as blood dripped out. Almost immediately, you darted away.
  19. Suddenly, a handsome white wolf with gorgeous blue eyes appeared in front of you. "Hey there," He woofed lightly. You:

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