How well do you know Vampire Knight

This quiz is ALL about vampire knight! Do you think you know vampire knight as well ad you think you migt? Well these 11 questions will help! Awnser each one and see your score at the end. Simple. Now go on and try it!

Do YOU have what it takes to score high on this quiz? Well step right up and awnser the questions! This quiz is tons of fun! (Don't forget to rate at the end) hope you have fun taking this quiz to test your knowlage of vampire knight!

Created by: Quinn

  1. How did yuki meet kaname?
  2. What did yuki's "dad" want to be called by Yuki?
  3. When did Zero show up to help Yuki with the day class?
  4. When did Yuki's arm start to bleed?
  5. did zero reject the blood tablets created for vampires?
  6. What were 2 day class students doing outside the night class dorm?
  7. Are zero and yuki brother and sister?
  8. What was zero wanting yuki to do if he became a level E?
  9. What was zero's mentors name?
  10. What did Yuki become to Kaname?
  11. Why did Kaname send his best vampires to protect Yuki and her friends?
  12. The end did you like the quiz? 1-6 1 being the worst, 6 being Awesome!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Vampire Knight