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  • Romantic dating moments.
    "and thats proly him calling me...ciao"
  • Romantic dating moments.
    "that was a year and a half ago. and counting :)"
  • Songs that u wrote
    "thx :)"
  • Romantic dating moments.
    "pretty soon the whole school knew we were 2gether, and girls were interrogating me in the hallways and everyone thought we were an adorable ..."
  • Romantic dating moments.
    "when i first realized i liked my guy, i told my bff about it and she said she noticed it long before i did. she said it was obvious that we ..."
  • Songs that u wrote
    "that's all i got so far. is it good?"
  • Songs that u wrote
    "here it is: i can't find myself, i don't know who i am 'cause i've lost my heart, i don't know where it went i feel so "
  • Songs that u wrote
    "ok i just started writing this one this morning so it's not finished. i'm not sure what the title will be"
  • first kiss stories here
    "the evening of my 14th birthday, my bf and i were sitting on my back porch. it was raining and it was rather dark outside. ppl had finally q..."
  • "i dunno, Christianbabe...i haven't been 2 church in years...and i dun pray that often...i went 2 a Christian school last year. i wish i cud ..."
  • Fave Lyrics?
    "swing life away by rise against: we live on front porches and swing life away we get by just fine here on minimum wage "
  • Nother big announcment
    "lol who does #2 work for?"
  • Rap Battles Here!!
    "yah i think he's good at rapping"
  • Fave Lyrics?
    "my heart by paramore: i am nothing now and it's been so long since i've heard a sound, the sound of my only hope "
  • Howls moving castle
    "i luv studio ghibli and hayao miyazaki is a flippin genius! i wanna see panyo."

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