Does your boyfriend REALLY love you?

Alot of guys date girls for the wrong reasons. Do you ever wonder if your boyfriend is one of those guys? Thanks to my quiz, you wont have to wonder any more! It took me quite awhile to make this quiz and I worked very hard on it, so the answers should be accurate.

Does your boyfriend respect you? Would he rather hang with his friends instead of you? Take this quiz and find out! If you are a guy and want to know if your GIRLFRIEND really loves you, just replace 'boyfriend' with 'girlfriend' and the test will work for you!

Created by: Abbyy
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  1. Does he turn off his phone on a date?
  2. Will he hold your hand in public or around his friends?
  3. Does he try to touch you more than he should?
  4. What does he say about your looks?
  5. How much do you argue?
  6. Does he try to make you laugh alot?
  7. Will he shop for clothes with you?
  8. Does he tell you not to buy him gifts?
  9. Does he talk about other girls around you?
  10. Does he smell good when he's around you?
  11. Does he act mature on dates?

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Quiz topic: Does my boyfriend REALLY love you?