does he love me?

have you ever sat there and wondered to yourself.. does my boyfriend love me?! does he actually care or i am doing things wrong?ther are ways to find out

take this quiz and you will figure out exactly what is going wrong in your relationship and maybe things will get better. you can figure out the weakness' and sort it

Created by: hayley b
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  1. if he phones you in the morning do you
  2. when he takes you out do you ever offer to pay
  3. how long did you wait till you slept together
  4. do you try and get on with him mates even if you hate them
  5. would you fullfill all his sexual fantasies
  6. do you ever tel him he looks good
  7. if he got a new hair cut that he loved and you hated would you say anything
  8. would you let him go out with his mates on your annivaisary
  9. would you go out with your mates on your annivaisary
  10. how often do you tell him you love him

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