Does HE Love You? (girls only)

I know how some of you guys feel. I had a guy friend(my best friend) we had gone out before but we broke up. I never stopped liking him until I met my new boyfriend. He's awesome I love him to death. Remeber that there is someone out there for everyone.

But if you keep giving up bboys for the next one you might always be waiting and waiting. You could even end up all alone. If you know that's the guy for you keep him and don't ever let go.

Created by: Sheridan
  1. Do yo hug him? Or does he hug you?
  2. Have you kissed him?
  3. How far have you gone with him?
  4. Do you talk like best friends?
  5. what's my name?
  6. Is he Your #1 on myspace
  7. What's my boyfriend's name?
  8. blah blah blah. this question doesnt help or mess up anything
  9. my favorite #?
  10. LAST question. Do you need him?

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