How well do you know the world? #2

The Paper knows a lot. You do not know a lot. Prove yourself worthy. Take this quiz, and girls will love you. If you are a girl, then boys will love that girls love you. You will be popular, famous, and a bit of a nerd, kind of like Abe Lincoln.

The Paper Weekly News is back with the second half of the idiotic trivia challenge of how Well Do You Know The World? You will assuredly fail, but only a coward would walk out on his destiny.

Created by: The Paper Weekly News of The Paper
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  1. If you have 2 apples, then take 2 more apples, then buy 8 apples, then find 18 more apples, then subtract a number of apples equal to the second derivative of your number of apples, how many apples do you have to eat before the total number of apples in your posession is a prime number?
  2. Which type of paper plate costs the 2nd most?
  3. Where can you first find "314" after the decimal in Pi?
  4. How tall was the 23rd President of the United States?
  5. What was the average gas price in the year 1920?
  6. What is the average high for antioxidant capacity in blueberries?
  7. How many times must you multiply the quietest audible sound's power to make your ears bleed?
  8. Which flavor is most prominent in mid-swallow?
  9. Why do they climb this mountain?
  10. What chemical triggers a firefly's glow?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the world? #2