what song fits your mood?

music can effect your mood, and your mood can effect the type of music you listen to. I've chosen some songs that might match your mood. Take this quiz to find out!

Music is a great way to describe how one feels inside. It says things in a way that regular words cannot. Sometimes there is that one song that sounds like it's describing your own life. I hope this quiz helps you to find a song like that and put things into perspective.

Created by: i_am_VAMP
  1. which of these do you think describes you the most?
  2. how would others describe you?
  3. do you have many friends?
  4. you are:
  5. your favorite type of music is:
  6. favorite color?
  7. will you rate? (no effect)
  8. comment? (also no effect)
  9. did you like this quiz? (no effect)
  10. result time!

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Quiz topic: What song fits my mood?