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  • XD Zero Kiryu is sooooooooooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!! !!

    death the kid 13 Nov 5 '14, 5:17PM
  • WTF? Why did I get 100% Zero? Refund. Now.

    WTFman Jul 14 '12, 2:59AM
  • well i thought that it was good. i with i got kaname but instead i get sheki o well^.^

    Inuyashafan1995 Jun 15 '12, 8:43PM
  • Boring

    Kiss me Feb 22 '12, 1:55AM
  • Eh ok

    Raven11 Jan 23 '11, 9:22PM
  • Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! made no sense!

    bryce lover Dec 23 '10, 4:52PM
  • PS, mayhaps you at least got a laugh out of it?

    i_am_VAMP Feb 12 '10, 1:20AM
  • Am I weird 4 commenting on my own quiz? Anywayz I hope it isn't too lame 4 ppl. So feel free 2 tell me what you think ^^

    i_am_VAMP Feb 11 '10, 10:34PM

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