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  • this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    roseykat15 Feb 26 '19, 12:40PM
  • Im a Vampire!!!! Yes

    VampireWarrior Jan 26 '19, 8:52PM

    Carolinaday Nov 10 '18, 6:54PM
  • You are 54% a REAL Vampire.

    Good score,but you seem to be a half REAL this score you obviously have some of Real Vampires traits but they are not enough to be a Real Vampire.

    OOFWITCHS Oct 2 '18, 8:37AM
  • It says I’m 92% Vampire.... but how do you actually know I tend to stay away from light bc it gives me anxiety but I stay away from people bc I’m bipolar

    Jersey2 Feb 10 '18, 8:19PM
  • I got 100% and everything fit me perfectly! Do you think I'm an actual vampire? That would be creepy...

    Smileylover10 Jul 28 '16, 3:09AM
  • Last time I did a quiz on this one I got a 50% but then I did a few spells on and a potion and now as in today I got 100%!So you guys that aren't vampires stay inside or else us vampires are gonna get you. ;) ;) ;)

    Vampirettalana Mar 22 '16, 1:15PM
  • 100% vampire.Woo-Hoo!

    Vampirettalana Mar 22 '16, 1:10PM
  • Plus I'm a newbie on this site.;)

    Vampirettalana Mar 12 '16, 7:13PM
  • I got a 92% on my vamp quiz so yay I'm a real vampire!

    Vampirettalana Mar 12 '16, 7:12PM
  • I'm a real vamp!92% on my quiz

    Vampirettalana Mar 12 '16, 7:11PM
  • I new i was a vampire i got a 100% vampire though i'm only 14 :(

    KathyLove13 Feb 18 '16, 3:45PM
  • ok so i took the test and i got 79% then like 2 months later i took the test and i got 83% and i did nothing except live life

    TheStarryNight Jan 9 '16, 5:01PM
  • I got a 58 but I want a spell to become a real vampire but will i go with Jesus when I die?

    Vampire_girl_1 Dec 11 '15, 8:43PM
  • I got a 58 but I want a spell to become a real vampire but will i go with Jesus when I die?

    Vampire_girl_1 Dec 11 '15, 8:41PM
  • I haz real vamp! 96!

    iiJune Dec 7 '15, 2:12AM
  • umm i got like 79% because you know i never thought i was so close to being a vampire to me honestly vampires are not real i just did because my friend told me about she got 16% but wow 79% i thought at least i was going to get about 0% i mean its not like i knew i was a vampire i took this text 2 times in the answers always showed up 79%

    lovely_105 Nov 15 '15, 11:05AM
  • I got a 53 yesterday now I got a 63. I did a spell a 1.5 Days ago so my symptoms must be getting higher.

    DrewHoffman Aug 8 '15, 5:09PM
  • 100% yal stay inside tonight otherwise your going to be dead meat!!!!!!!!!!;-)

    vampire122003 Jun 5 '15, 2:57PM
  • And i hate vampires too!(not trying to be mean)

    real wolfy Mar 29 '15, 1:27PM
  • hey guys! im a real werewolf, and vampires r my enemies so yeah!

    real wolfy Mar 29 '15, 1:26PM
  • 89 people I'm gonna eat u

    haileysAwesome Mar 6 '15, 5:10PM

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