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  • Nice quiz, got a 50%, everything with the questions looked 100% right to me all the way to the answers love seeing something that's not totally twilight based or base off some other suckle movie that makes vampires look bad.

    • i got 83% and i am 14 and this was amazing cause my friend pointed it out and have done so much research over the past couple days and i am amazed by my results half human half vampire

    • I have a question do you all like the taste of blood because I do plz don't take it offencive

      Mt vamp
    • I love the taste of blood

    • I tasted it and somehow am looking for its taste most of the time especially on full red moons...I get really irritated hungry and I don't know just annoyed...I really don't know if I am a vampire but it shows that Iam 93% I don't know what to believe in please help me

  • Well.. i got 87% soo.........explains the strange memoreeeees. Anyways i knew that i wasnt human and with my dad its hard to tell if hes joking or not sometimes and when he says that im not human but i am something(in a good way). The more he says that the more i think hes really saying something andalso explians why any time i bring up sertan memorys that "arnt" mine he just shuts down the convo. Alao some girls say that i have a sertan type of charm not like a lucky charm but a gaze kinda charm.

  • I got 92. I always knew I was different from humans. And I did about two days of research on vampires. This is 100% true and accurate. And all the answers I picked really are true for me. And for all the people reading this comment and thinking no, vampires are not real think again.

  • 92%, my friends always called me different. Then I got into Twilight and noticed Im similar to Edward and Emmet. Then I started research. Ive done multiple quizzes, all are quite accurate.

  • I am a vampire born in 1892. 127 yrs, I always love being what i am, And i didnt have no choice but to make my mind undergoing the ritual to turn. There is sometime ago, I had herpes virus and also i was burned in a fire and was dying, I later was saved by a vampire lord, my parents never found me they believe i was dead,but i'm doing very great, No longer a weakly but strong and as century go by i am still alive today, And still 20 skin but old age never goes, but no body knew my past just me, I just want to say thank you vampire lord for making it happen, I am very proud to be among the 7 clans of vampires. YOU want to know more about these transformation ritual, Hit up the vampire lord,the [no emails] and his website. https:/

    • Tell me you tale I'm a young vampire but born in to it

      Mt vamp
  • You are 100% a REAL Vampire.

    Ok,I can only say one thing; You are a Real Vampire. I assume you will notice changes in your self after drinking blood or while youre getting close to 16 y.o (if you are not already 16).YOU ARE A REAL VAMPIRE.

    Im 13 almost 14 and i know that this is true b/c im a real vampire.

    • hi i'm michelle and im 13 and im 88% real vampire

  • Last time I did a quiz on this one I got a 50% but then I did a few spells on and a potion and now as in today I got 100%!So you guys that aren't vampires stay inside or else us vampires are gonna get you. ;) ;) ;)

  • I got 88% and I'm 15 right now next year I'll be 16 :0

    It says I'm a real vampire, that's cool :)

    My nails are tranparent, quite long and kinda sharp, so I always have to be careful not to scartch on something (like a wall) and make me feel weird like wheezing but it hurt a bit.

  • If u become vampire you can still be a ordinary man but you will get more power and gain more height,you will become much younger than your mates of same age, you never become bald, you dont need any sex, you will always satisfied.But to become a vampire a very difficult task . I give you the procedure, I will no longer be responsible for your nature but you will become lone like me.i was soooo much amazed at first when i contacted the [no emails] and his website. https:/

  • Ok so got 96% im 16 I think I shouldve got 100% becuz I know everything bout vampires n not from twilight like the fake stuff people who think they r like the Hollywood va, pires r stupid we just like normal humans just not all the same

  • umm i got like 79% because you know i never thought i was so close to being a vampire to me honestly vampires are not real i just did because my friend told me about she got 16% but wow 79% i thought at least i was going to get about 0% i mean its not like i knew i was a vampire i took this text 2 times in the answers always showed up 79%

  • I got 100% and everything fit me perfectly! Do you think I'm an actual vampire? That would be creepy...

  • well that doesn't surprise me at all I knew that I was not human I just had feeling I was right I really don't care what people think I just curious to see what reaction people throw in my face I got it thank you who ever you are for given me a answer I been wanting to see for very long time

  • guys, I'm a real vampire. don't think that i'm a poser. i have scientific proof. you can find out for real if you are a vampire. Google endogenous retrovirus or ask a genetic counsellor

  • Some people dont now that Im an actual vampire.

    You may think Im just lying but its true.

    I have a friend thats a shapeshifter and she helps me through a lot.

    So if you think Im still lying... I dont think you deserve too believe even now Im royalty.

  • You are 54% a REAL Vampire. 54%

    Good score,but you seem to be a half REAL this score you obviously have some of Real Vampires traits but they are not enough to be a Real Vampire.

  • i got 75%. Is that bad if i really want to be a vampire? there is somethings where i think yeah i might be, but somethings where i think im not. And also it said i might turn in time or blood? im 13 how much time?

  • hey guys! im a real werewolf, and vampires r my enemies so yeah!

    real wolfy
  • I'm a vampire guys hi

    The Reaper
  • finally someone who uses their brain properly compared to last twilight idiot quiz maker i saw i am one i was born one from birth

  • It says I’m 92% Vampire.... but how do you actually know I tend to stay away from light bc it gives me anxiety but I stay away from people bc I’m bipolar

  • 92% is not what I was expecting. I really don't want to be a real vampire. I need to live and let live. Nice quiz.

  • I am a real vampire [92% somehow] and im 14. I have drank/tasted blood before though

  • I got a 88% My dad is a full blooded vampire and my mom is a Indian

    Vampire moon
  • I got a 58 but I want a spell to become a real vampire but will i go with Jesus when I die?


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