How North Devon are you?

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Here in North Devon, we have many traditions that may seem odd to the outside world, but to us they make perfect sense. But just how much do you know about North Devon?

Do you know your tractors from your combine harvesters? Or your long boards from your Hybrids? Can you tell us where Woolfardisworthy is? Well, why don't you prove it? Take our quiz to find out just how North Devon you really are?

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  1. When we say Fergie, we are talking about?
  2. If you flexing your log on a fat barrel at Putts, what would you be doing?
  3. What would you describe as "up North"?
  4. A Charollais is a type of
  5. The air at home is
  6. When enjoying a nice cream tea, you?
  7. When heading for a country walk, the most important thing to take is?
  8. In North Devon, tourists are otherwise known as?
  9. Getting a red ring around your picture in the North Devon Journal is?
  10. The Clone Zone is?
  11. When you walk into your local pub you?
  12. The prospect of a new supermarket is?
  13. How many times have you had to dance around a maypole in your life?
  14. London is?
  15. The most common problem when driving in North Devon is?
  16. If I said "2ft and messy" I would be describing?
  17. A night out means?
  18. The best thing about North Devon is?

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Quiz topic: How North Devon am I?