Are You A North Ender?

There are those who LIVE in the North End and those who are FROM the North End. Only those of us who were born and raised here are FROM the North End and can be called NORTH ENDERS. What are you?

This quiz will tell us if you are a real North Ender. It will let us know if you ever played in the NEAA; bowled on Saturdays; went to Caddy Camp with Mr. D; played at Shaw House or the North End Union; wore a North End Jacket; got a slice at the original Umberto's; or ate breakfast at Jimmy Greens. Don't be pollution, try it and see if you're legit! Ciao!

Created by: Jason
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  1. What is the Gassy?
  2. What is a Spuckie?
  3. What is the name of the notorious North End robbery that was made into a feature film of the same name starring Peter Falk?
  4. What was the Nazzaro Center known as before it's current name?
  5. How much was a meatball WITH cheese at Johnny the Jeeps around the time Johnny closed his doors?
  6. True or False: Pizza Regina is the best pizza in the City?
  7. Yes or No: Did you hear about the kid-napping?
  8. The North End is home to the 1955 World Welterweight Champion. Who is it?
  9. Where can you find Buckwheat in the North End?
  10. What do North Enders eat: Macaroni and Gravy OR Pasta and Sauce?

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Quiz topic: Am I A North Ender?