How much do you know of "Kingdom Hearts"?

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Anyone who has played a Kingdom Hearts game knows what a Heartless is. They all know who Sora's crush is. But do you know everything there is to know about the saga?

Are YOU a real Kingdom Hearts geek? It's time you find out!!!!! Take this awesome quiz and discover if you got what it takes to be a real Keyblade master. Good luck!

Created by: Gonzalo
  1. Kingdom Hearts: Who is the cloaked figure that Sora meets in the Secret Place in Destiny Islands?
  2. Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: Who is the first Organization XIII member you fight against when you arrive to Castle Oblivion?
  3. Kingdom Hearts: Who awakens Sora when he first arrives to Traverse Town?
  4. Kingdom Hearts II: Who does DiZ turn out to be?
  5. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: Who created Xion?
  6. Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: Who killed Vexen?
  7. Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: What does Naminé do so Sora can recover his old memories and to erase his memories of Castle Oblivion?
  8. Kingdom Hearts II: Which member of Organization XIII appears as a villain in Beast's Castle and attempts to plunge Beast into despair in the hopes of separating his heart from his body?
  9. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep: Who is the original Keyblade Master of Terra, Aqua and Ventus?
  10. Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: Who killed Zexion?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know of "Kingdom Hearts"?