Sacred Hearts part 4

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ok ladies, part 4 is here! i'll include pics of the guyz in part 5. hope you enjoy this one, the boyz are in it a heck of alot more. hope you know whose heart belongs with you.

loki isn't finished yet. he is going to find a way to get you to either join him or die. in his opinion he wants you dead. and i think daddy agrees with his little boy.t

Created by: sazi
  1. the gun goes off, but nothing happens to you. you're flying you burst through the ground leaving the depths of the darkness behind you.
  2. your break through the grave, coughing from the dirt, the light hurt you eyes but you didn't care. you were alive and safe for now.
  3. you stand up slowly, your lacey, strapless dress in ribbons, some material even hugging you ankles. you see the boys running towards you yelling your name. they pull you swiftly away from the burial. and take you away from the cementry. you're cuddled in Marcus' arms.
  4. you start to cry at the realisation that that experience is over and your safe. Marcus seems almost shoked at the tears spilling down your face and has a moment of hesitation before he holds you even tighter. you start to babble about what happened down there. leaving out the part about you being the sister of pure evil, let alone the daughter of it.
  5. marcus carries you all the way to the house and up the stairs to his room. *me: don't get any funny ideas xoxo* he sits you on his piano *Me: yeah. he can sooooo play :)* and starts to play a song. even more tears pool to your eyes when you realize the song is about you.
  6. "please."you whisper as you turn over onto your belly. Marcus looks up at you and you look deeply into his ocean blue eyes that are twisted with pain. you would give anything to take that pain away. "Please." you whisper again. Marcus draws your lips down towards his.
  7. he pulls you onto his lap, his strong arms around you, pulling you closer. he just continues to kiss you, his lips warm against yours and his hands cool around you waist. you link your arms around his neck and kiss him back. he lifts you and gently lowers you to the bed. he pulls back. "I can'tdo this." he whispers. "I'll hurt you, i hurst everyone." he pulls back and leaves through the window. and you exit through the door.
  8. you walk past your room and Stark come out of his. he presents you with a rose. a gorgeous white rose and he pulls you into a very gentle hug. he freezes when you touch his chest, he kisses you on the forehead, and pecks you on the lips "I'm not what you think i am."he brethes before returning to his room.
  9. you walk past the library and see Matt sitting alone with his head in his hands, he seems to be crying. you knock on the door. "Matt?" you ask. "I love you jules!" he cries, "But how can i make you love me?" he pleads and you approach him, he continues "I have nothing to offer, Marcus can Serendae you with songs and it's clear how Stark feels. and me? i have NOTHING TO GIVE YOU. but you. you mean the world to me." he drops his head and you go on your knees in front of him and say, "YOu have everything to offer. you have you." Matt lifts his head and kisses you, gently at first but it gets more intense, he lifts you towads the sofa and you feel his warm body on top of your lacy dress. "I love you." He whispers between kisses that trail along the cut on your neck. you feel different as he kisses you but in a good way, and...
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!! :)
  11. comment and rate please! making part five in a bit!
  12. xoxo love u

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