Honeyhill Academy Part 2

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So this explains the spot I left you at cliffhanger, only is there ANOTHER cliffhanger? Oh yeah there is! So just prepare yourselves, for the evil authors of all authors is here!

So if you remember the last one of these, it ended with Jenna the main character looking in the mirror! She saw something that it didn't explain in the cliffhanger, but you are soon to find out what she saw.

Created by: Ericat
  1. I go to the bathroom and take a quick shower. When I get done, I look in the mirror, and what I see makes me scream in horror. It was a scar from the rope. But that didn't really happen... did it? I started freaking out, my mom was going to k i l l me!
  2. I get a scarf from my dresser and put it around my neck to cover it up. I look in the mirror again. Gone... from view. I'm the only one who knows I have it though. When I walk downstairs, mom sees me and says, "Good morning Jenna!" Pause "Why do you have a scarf on in the middle of summer?" I was prepared for this so I say...
  3. "Ok whatever," mom says, still eyeing my scarf. "I made your favorite for breakfast! I have...."
  4. "Oh, thanks mom!" I say. An hour later I get to school, and when Lexi sees me, she says, "Hi Jenna! Why do you have a scarf around your neck?" So I told her about the dream. "Oh that's creepy. Anyways, I got to get to 1st hour." I nod and say, "Ok bye!"
  5. When I get to MY first hour, I sit at my desk, and our teacher, Mr. Wheels, says, "Good morning class! I have a new student for you!" A boy my age walks in the class and my mouth gapes open. The boy from the dream! The KISSING dream!
  6. After first hour I walk out of class and tell Lexi about the new guy. "Yeah he... well I don't know him, but he was in one of my numerous dreams last night," I say. "The teacher says his name is Vin." "Huh," Lexi says. Then smiles. "Somebody's got a boyfriend! Somebody's got a boyfriend!" Everyone in the hallway turns and looks at us. I softly punch her in the shoulder and whisper, "SHHH! My goodness, Lexi!" She just laughs.
  7. At lunch time, Lexi is telling me about her and Becky in Science class, when all of a sudden, I have that feeling I did in the c h o k i n g dream. I bent over in pain. "Jenna!" Lexi yells. "Are you okay?" I wanted to say no, I wanted to tell her I felt like I was d y i n g, but I couldn't talk. I passed out
  9. Am I eViL eNoUgH fOr Ya? TeLl Me In ThE cOmMeNt SeCtIoN!
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