Warrior Cats Love Story Part 3(She cats only)

Part 3! No cliffhanger! Part 3! No cliffhanger! Part 3! Maybe your love will become forbidden! Hope it doesn't! (SPOILER: at the end Blizzardpelt gets unlucky!)

Hope you enjoy it! Hope you enjoy it! Make sure you took part 2 or it will make absolutely no sense at all! (actually it might make sense if you didn't take part 2)

Created by: Clearsight
  1. Shall we get started?
  2. As you get ready to go to the Gathering, you have a choice to walk with Pigeonfire up ahead, Blizzardpelt or Flaketail who is surrounded with she-cats. Who do you choose to walk with?
  3. ONLY TAKE THIS QUESTION IF YOU CHOSE TO WALK WITH PIGEONFIRE. Pigeonfire slows down to walk with you. "Wishbreeze,"He says hesitantly. "I really really like you. I was wondering if...you feel the same?"
  4. If you said his name his purrs and you two entwine your tails. If you said no one, he tells you to tell him when your feelings change and looks hurt. If you said Blizzardpelt or Flaketail he looks very hurt and nods sadly, understanding. If you said Muddypelt, he argues he's in a different Clan but he won't tell Poolstar.
  5. ONLY TAKE THIS QUESTION IF YOU CHOSE TO WALK WITH BLIZZARDPELT. "Hi," Blizzardpelt greets as you catch up with him. "Hello," you answer back. "So..Gathering huh? Why are you excited?"
  6. If you said to be with him, Blizzardpelt smiles and licks your ear. If you said the name of another tom, he let out a snort. If you said to gossip or I don't know, he agrees.
  7. ONLY TAKE THIS QUESTION IF YOU CHOSE TO WALK WITH FLAKETAIL. All the she-cats surrounding Flaketail parted, except Lavendercloud, who stayed. "Hey, Wishbreeze!" Flaketail greeted. He sounded happy that you were there, which Lavendercloud scowled at."Why don't we go to the end of the line?" Lavendercloud asked Flaketail. "Sure," Flaketail replied, "Come on , Wishbreeze." Lavendercloud stiffened. "I meant like us, not her," she pointed out rudely. "Well while she's here, she might as well come with us," Flaketail argued.
  8. Well, Flaketail invited you to go anyway, but Lavendercloud was always trying to block you out.
  9. ONLY TAKE THIS QUESTION IF YOU CHOSE TO WALK ALONE. As you were walking, you suddenly caught a familiar scent. Muddypelt! You spin around to see him, right behind you. "What are you doing here?" you breathed. He nuzzled his cheek against yours "to see you." What do you do?
  10. *At the Gathering*"All Clans," Poolstar yowled. "The Gathering is starting!"Every cat turned to look up at Poolstar. "StreamClan is doing well, but Leapwillow has a sign from MoonClan that Blizzardpelt should train as a medicine cat."
  11. Blizzardpelt immediately sprang to his paws then spoke in a cold voice, "Sorry, Poolstar. But I wish to be a warrior and have a mate and kits." Poolstar dipped his head,"Of course, Blizzardpelt. But if MoonClan sends father instructions, we may be in danger. What is your choice, Blizzardpelt?"
  12. Blizzardpelt stood still and opened his mouth, but no words came out. Just then, Poolstar opened HIS mouth and repeated the words,"What is your choice, Blizzardpelt?"
  13. "Sorry Poolstar. But I'm not becoming a medicine cat, not yet,"Blizzardpelt replied.
  14. *Back at the camp* "Hey, Flaketail. Wanna hunt with me?" you ask him. "No thanks, I'm going with Lavendercloud," Flaketail replied.
  15. Well that's it for this quiz!

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