Warrior Cat Love Story ( She-Cats Only Part 1 )

Hello! This is my very first quiz I WILL make a part 2 of this and in part two there will be more toms! Some you will lose some will stay and other wise I hope you enjoy this quiz!!

Your name I’m this qiuz is featherpaw/featherflight you are a sleek light gray she cat and have four toms chasing after you. In this qiuz you’ll see if you love any of them!

Created by: Smokefire~Light

  1. You wake up in the apprentices den the dim light shinning throw the entrance. You see a black figure in the dim light and walk over to it curiously. You realize it’s just smokpaw. “Hello smokepaw “ you whisper sitting down beside him. “I’m just waiting for the clan to wake. “The silence is nice after a busy moon.” He replies. You think
  2. You pad back to your nest and fall back asleep but before you know it’s a little before sunhigh. You sit up and stretch your fore paws out in front of you. “ hey! Featherpaw!” You hear a voice yell from across the clearing. You pad out of the apprentice den and see russetpaw holding a plump vole in his jaws. You reply
  3. ( IF YOU SAY YES ) you pad over to russetpaw gleefully. Russetpaw sets down the vole when you find a nice place to eat. You spot yellowpaw glaring at you and russetpaw with jealousy in his bright yellow eyes. But when you glance at him back he stops and blushes a tad bit. You share tounges with russetpaw for a bit then leave to go on a border patrol. You think,
  4. (IF YOU SAID NO) you shake your head no and go to get your own prey when yellowpaw comes over to ask if he could share that prey with you. “ yes “ you replied distracted by russetpaw siting by himself. You feel a pang of pity seeing him alone. You think,
  5. A Tom with butiful orange blotches comes over to you. “Hello I’m sunpaw!” He exclaimed. “ hello” you replied back. “Firepelt ( the deputy ) told me to go on evening patrol and pick two other cats.” He said pausing to flick a fly of his ear. “ so do you want to go on the evening patrol?” He said no taking his eyes of your sleek silver pelt. “ yes “ you replied not helping with the fact you couldn’t say no to his glee filled eyes. You think,
  6. Sunpaw took a warrior with him on the evening patrol ( with you). You set of out the gorse tunnel. You saw some catmint by the entrance and couldn’t help taking a nibble. “featherpaw why does your breath smell so good you just ate fish” he chuckled a bit. “I saw some catmint and couldn’t help taking a nibble”. You replied. You heard a russle in a bush near by and crouched down instinctively you crept twords it and smelled rabbit. You flick your tail to signal the others to be still. The rabbit smelled you and ran leavening you bounding after it you caught up and ran beside it and sprung at it killing it with a swift bite. You relished the rabbit ran to the boarder between swiftclan (your clan) and thornclan.sunpaw came up behind you with the warrior following. “Nice catch” said a CLIFF HANGER
  7. Sorry it was only 6 pestions but there will be more in part 2!
  8. Fate
  9. Waffles or pancakes
  10. Hi

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