Warrior cats love story quiz part 6

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So hello again o hope you have done parts 1,2,3,4 and 5 this is part 6 and part 7 will be out soon and remember I am still a new bee so they might not be that good

This is a quiz when you have to pick between all six of the toms that love you well I think o will leave the rest. Please comment and tell me what you like and what you like I should in prove on also who you got bye

Created by: Rubyfur

  1. A few moons later you are out on a solo hunt when you catch a familiar sent and see hawkfrost step out of a bush and beckon you to sit with him. You hear thuds on the flour and hawkfrost steps in front of you as if he were trying to protect you. When rouges step out of the bushes. Hawkfrost jumps at one you can't see the other one when al of a sodden
  2. You and hawkfrost are wounded badly by the time you get to camp so you head for the med.cat den sparrowflight is not surprised to see you so you both settle down in a nest while sparrowflight and her apprentice press mixtures on your wounds
  3. The next day you go hunting with blossomfall when she stops and sits she beckons you to sit with her she says " you need to choose the toms will ask the same question so prepare your self so you can answer you do not have to straight away but you will some when!" You are shocked you do not know what to think you say to your self I choose
  4. So this means your crush _________ ok and this is the person you dislike the most x_________x ok
  5. Falconheart calls you out of camp you both sit in a clearing pinefur steps forward and says "we all love you but which one of us do you love the most?" You answer with
  6. the other toms leave and it is just you and _________ left 'so do you want to be my .........mate?' This was unexpected you say
  7. Then he starts to cover you in licks and you do not flinch. He stops and asks 'do you want ki...............kits?' 'Of course __________'
  8. One 1/4 moon later you go into the med.cat den and say 'sparrowflight..... stomach ache' ' oh come over here than and I will have a look' 'just as I thought you are pregnant with three kits. Congratulations!' You say thanks to sparrowflight then go of the tell you mate he is exited though he did not show it as much as he felt you could tell.
  9. Did you like the quiz
  10. Well I will be makeing a part 7 so see you next time it might be longer next time

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