Love story in a clan part 2 (She cats only)

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If you haven't done the fist one this will be confusing we start were we left off Swiftpaw finds out the toms all have crushes on her will she choose a tom or stay alone?

Just to recap if you lazy and didn't take the first one Swiftkit meets four toms in her story she fins out thy fight over her in the last story a fox attacks you!

Created by: Warrior fan

  1. Last we left off you where being attacked by a fox ye?
  2. The fox at you hissing with rage." Well at least it's alone!" Bob mewed. Then three more came out. " Great now you have get help..." Said Bob you rolled your eyes a fox tries t get your neck you....
  3. * If you run away picke the last answer * * If you did anything else this happens * A kit jump from a bush glaring at the foxes." I said to leave cats alone not go for CLAn cats! " The tom's voice as stricted and the foxes yelp and run tails between legs. " I'm Ah! " He grinned at you.... bushing his pelt on yours you.....
  4. What every you did he looked at the other toms blinking.: By the way Bob she is a wild cat! " you rolled your eyes tms would start fighting over you
  6. " Swiftpaw! " You hear your mentor 's voice call * Your mentor is Flatears* " Yes?" You ask. She says to go see the leader. You climb up high rock and Streamstar smiling at you." You are ready to hunt on your own you must bring a cat with who will you take?" you....
  7. * Who very you picked your mother comes with you she doesn't want you to go with any toms * Look a mouse! You think " Now go get! " Your mother meowed. You stalk it and get it in your mouth you had killed it it was plump and jucey you walk to camp who did you bring it to to share?
  8. You sit under a tree hping to have some peace but then Ash , Featherpaw , Bobpaw, And Beepaw walk up to you. " We all kind of have liked you since you whee a kit..." Bobpaw said. " Yea um so what kind of tom do you want? " Featherpaw says. You say........
  9. Once you say your answer the toms the aske wll Bepaw askes." et's ask her wants you wants in the futrue as a mate! " Beepaw said . ou think....
  10. Um... give me until I'm a warrior! You wanted to say but find it hard to get the words out you shoo the toms and guess what? CLIFFHANGER!!!

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