Warrior cats love story part 2 (She-cats only)

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Here is the information I missed out on the first part.Toms available: Muddypelt, Blizzardpelt, Flaketail and Pigeonfire. Clan: StreamClan Muddypelt's Clan:BerryClanYour name: WishbreezeYour mother and Father: Wingstone, Whitefall

Leader: Poolstar Med cat: Leapwilliow Deputy: Pigeonfire Warriors: Airfrost, Lightflame, Ploverclaw, Duskfeather Honeystorm, Shimmerpelt, Peacokfeather, Flamingocloud, Flowershade, Lavendercloud, PebblefootApprentices: Straightpaw, Songpaw, FlightpawKits: Adderkit, Lickkit, FangkitQueens: Stripetail, Flyfur

Created by: Clearsight
  1. As you race alongside Flaketail, the yowls of pain become clearer. It is clearly Lavendercloud, and based on the sound of it, she's in pain. Finally, Flaketail skidded to a halt. Peering over his head you see a cat from a different Clan fighting with Lavendercloud. He is a brown tom and just over your border.
  2. Flaketail immediately reacts, pulling the brown tom off Lavendercloud and pinning him down. "What are you doing on StreamClan territory?" he snarled. "I was sent by Duststar to report some important business until this cat attacked me," he shot back. "Well,what's your name?" Flaketail asked impatiently. "I'm Flaketail," he added. "I'm Muddypelt," the brown tom growled. "Can I please report to your leader now?" Flaketail nodded. "Alright, Wishbreeze can you stay here while I get the rest of the patrol? Then take Lavendercloud to Leapwillow's den."
  3. You nodded and Flaketail sets off. Once he's gone Lavendercloud and Muddypelt immediately scramble up and snarl at each other. "Lavendercloud are you okay?" you ask her. "Yes, I'm fine now that Flaketail saved me!" she purred. "He's really great right?" she asks you.
  4. Whatever you said Lavendercloud ignored you and sighed dreamily. "I love him, you know? He's nice to me and I'm sure we'll become mates. What do you think?"
  5. However, before you could say anything, Flaketail comes, with Pigeonfire and Blizzardpelt. "Let's escort him to the camp,"Pigeonfire immediately says. "But Lavendercloud has too much injuries. Some cats will have to carry her," Flaketail argued. "Why don't Blizzardpelt and Flaketail help Lavendercloud, then Pigeonfire and me will escort Muddypelt," you reply. "Great let's go," Pigeonfire responded quickly.
  6. *Timeskip to the camp*"Who is this cat?" Poolstar demanded, fixing his gaze on Muddypelt. "He wants to speak to you. He was sent by Duststar," Pigeonfire replied. Poolstar narrowed his eyes. "Very well, come with me." And he started walking towards his den and Muddypelt scrambled after him.
  7. "Wishybreeze!" at that voice you raise your head only to see Adderkit, one of Stripetail's kits, tumbling towrds you. You bend down to touch noses with her, "Hello, Adderkit. How are you doing?" Just as she was about to reply, Stripe tail ran towards you. "So sorry Wishbreeze. Adderkit promised me she would only play with Blizzardpelt, but I guess kits can't tell apart who is whom," she breathed. "It's fine," you bend down to touch noses with Adderkit again.
  8. "Let all cats old enough to catch prey gather beneath Tallbranch for a Clan meeting!" Poolstar's voice rang throughout the camp. "It is a Gathering tonight," he continued. "The cats that are going are: Clawfrost, Wishbreeze, Flaketail, Blizzardpelt, Lavendercloud and Straightpaw."
  9. Well, we'll leave it there. On a rating from 1-8, one being bad and 8 being good, how would you rate my quiz?
  10. You might want to read the into paragraphs. There is some information I missed out on the first quiz.

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