Liason 10th Anniversary Quiz

For the last 10 years Jason and Elizabeth have been a force like none other on General Hospital. They have been friends, lovers, soulmates. Their history is rich; full of love, happiness, sadness, and angst. As fans we love them even in with their faults. For they are the reason we watch GH, why we endure over the years. Liason is love, ten years and counting....

Are YOU a Liason fan? Do you have what it takes to remember 10 years worth of moments? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz you can find out just how much you know, how much you remember, and how Liason smart you are. Good Luck and Viva Liason!!!

Created by: Angie of The Road to Nowhere
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  1. What month, day, and year did Jason leave Port Charles the first time, earning us the famous words, "Not goodbye, I'll see you later."
  2. In 2000 Elizabeth lied to the police for this person, only because Jason asked her too. Who did she lie for?
  3. The Pallio (Italian Horse Race) was mentioned during what famous scene?
  4. Though they were offically introduced at the boxcar, where did Jason and Elizabeth "almost" meet?
  5. What song played on the jukebox when Elizabeth asked Jason to dance with her at Kelly's?
  6. Who gives Jason the information that allows him to figure out that Elizabeth was being held in the crypt?
  7. Where was Jason when Elizabeth told him that "Love Shouldn't Be Safe"
  8. Who's yacht was Elizabeth looking at through the penthouse windows, while she was staying with Jason?
  9. Who helped Jason when Elizabeth was taken by Manny?
  10. What month was Jason and Elizabeth's son, Jacob Martin born?
  11. Where was Elizabeth and Jason where she said, "It only makes me love you more"?
  12. Someone overhears Elizabeth saying that Jason could be the father of her baby, which prompts her to head to Jason's penthouse and ask him to dance. She whispers that the penthouse has been bugged and tells Jason who overheard. Who was it?
  13. What was the name Spinelli gave to Jason and Elizabeth's unborn son?
  14. During the Metro Court Crisis, what did Jason say in the elevator to Elizabeth?
  15. What were Jason and Elizabeth doing when he once leaned over and smelt her hair?
  16. Elizabeth tells Jason that she credits what show to her lock picking skills?
  17. Where did Jason and Elizabeth share their SECOND kiss??
  18. Which quote was not said during the NOP (Night of Passion)?
  19. What month, day, and year did Jason finally tell Elizabeth that he loved her?
  20. During their secret affair, Elizabeth mentions the shower big enough for two in the safe house. Jason responds that he only saw it with ? and that he wasn't going to test that out. Who was it he was talking about?
  21. What was the number of the room Jason and Elizabeth met at and agreed to have a secret affair?
  22. "Now is not the time to be showing off your answer avoiding skills." Was said when?

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