How great are you compared to Jason?

There are things,there are events,there are people,and then there is simply Jason.This quiz will finally show you how you rank up against the greatest guy ever.

Who is Jason,you ask?Well,if you have to ask,then you have no right to take this quiz.Move on.But if you are one of the lucky few who I have graced with my light,then you're dreams have been answered.Now you can find out what you've always wondered.

What is your age?
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What is your gender?
A kindly old man strolling by comments to you"Looks like rain.....but we need it,you know.."Do you.....
A)Smile back and reply"Yup"
B)Comment how you saw on the news that it's been a record breaking month for lack of rain.
C)Roll your eyes in disgust and frustration and walk away.
You have exactly $10 to last you all week.You're out of food and haven't eaten in days.You would....
Go to the store and buy lots of low price items to last you until you get paid.
Buy a pack of smokes,a six pack,and a lottery ticket,hoping that you win.
You're behind on all your bills,and possibly going to be evicted.You have a nice chunk of cash that will not pay them all,but will put a nice dent in them.You....
Make minimum payments on them,just to give them something.
Borrow some money from a friend or family member.
Say screw it,and blow it at the strip club,various bars and clubs for 3 days.
You hate your job,but it pays the bills.You've finally had enough of it,so you....
Start reading the want ads and working on your resume.
Have a long talk with your communication is key to a company.
Walk out the door and don't return their phone calls.
It's 3am,you are...
Duh,sleeping,I have to get up early for work/school.
Watching T.V.
Just getting home from the bar,man,I have to get up in 2 hours!
Drinking,listening to music,and pleasuring yourself to p---.
Have you ever said "Holla at me,fa show,or That's what's up"?,but weren't being funny or mocking someone?
Fa show,cuz
Is your name Josh?
Yup,thats me!
Josh/Sounds like a real grade A fruit to me...
"Turn the other cheek"
I agree,be the better man.
It's hard,but I guess it's not worth getting into trouble over.
If you wrong me,I will cut your mouth,urinate in the wound,burn your house down with your family inside,and destroy your reputation by framing you for a kiddie p--- scandal.
Do you strive to live your life according to God's plan?
Oh yes,he has a plan for us,you know,the Bible tells us that...
No,but I'm a good person,and still do the right thing.
I do the first thing that pops in my mind,I'm sure everything will work out...
Have you ever voluntarily watched "Friends,Will and Grace,Sex and the City,or Everybody Loves Raymond"?

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