You know your from Buffalo if...

Are YOU a true Buffalonian? Do you have the answers, the life experiences to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now we could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

BARFALO - a nickname for Buffalo used by Canadians, particulatly those in the Hamilton and Toronto area. The term is usually intended to evoke memories of Buffalo's decline in importance compared to the Toronto area. Barfalo can also refer to the city's abundance of bars and late last call (4:00 AM) compared to Canadian cities. Did you know this? see what else you know or don't know and prove you're from Buffalo!

Created by: Scott Vetter

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  1. You've ever bragged about your driving time to
  2. You've ever crossed the border just
  3. You call an apartment a "flat"
  4. You know that "down south means
  5. Canada is to the
  6. Sesame Street has taught you
  7. You've ever fallen victim to
  8. You know that back home
  9. Bon-Ton was
  10. Quality Market was
  11. You know that the Buffalo News Sunrise Edition was

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Quiz topic: You know my from Buffalo if...