The Unforgiven and Unforgotten part 12

Hello people and I grant you a quiz on Valentine's Day, even though I hate Valentine's Day. Enough about me I hope you all enjoy this part of my quiz and let me know what you think of it in the comments. Oh and in Aaron's result I just put that because I had nothing else to put

Shane has light brown hair, emerald green eyes, lean muscles and a hot body, his smile is to die for, and he's a Vampire. Drake is more antisocial and mysterious with his dark brown hair with blonde highlights, his icy blue eyes look like they can see right through your soul, he has an amazing tan and a sexy body, his voice is deep yet sexy, he wears two military dog tags around his neck, and he's a Werewolf. Omar is the smart but funny one of the group, he has dirty blonde hair, bright amber eyes, right tone of muscles, and his laugh can lighten up your day, he's also an Immortal with powers. Aaron is sort of the leader type in the group with his coal black hair, gorgeous golden eyes, fit body and lean muscles, and those dimples that always get to you, he's also a Fallen Angel.

Created by: Cometlight

  1. **Drake's POV** I rolled my eyes and sighed. "Vampires." I muttered under my breath and tossed the two guards into a dark corner as Shane was wiping the blood away from his lip, I looked around and all there was were a lot of prisoners locked up. "Let's get moving." I whispered and trotted off Shane followed me and soon pulled ahead. I attempted to pursuit after him when I came to a sudden halt, to my left was a cell with someone locked inside that me and the guys have known for a long time until he disappeared 3 years ago. I turned towards the cell and narrowed my eyes, the prisoner inside the cell lifted his head up and smirked when he saw me. "Mind helping a brother out?" He asked and pulled at the chains that bounded him. "Jayden." I whispered
  2. (Okay for your pov I've decided to start writing in 1st person, it works better for me.) I continued on sleeping until I could no longer hear the sound of Ombra's wings flapping and then I felt something nudging me. "Arise child we have arrived to your protectors' mansion." Ombra spoke softly, I opened my eyes and lifted me head up I looked around and noticed that we were on the terrace that leads to my room, I blinked my eyes as they were blurry for a moment but then my vision cleared. I climbed off of Ombra's back and slid onto the floor. I turned around to face Ombra and smiled. "Thanks for helping me Ombra." I said and gently stroked him on his forehead, Ombra smiled and bowed his head. "It was my pleasure young child." Ombra replied softly, I moved me hand away and sighed softly. "Ombra stop calling me that I'm not a child." You protested, Ombra chuckled and raised his head up he stood tall and noble. "In my eyes you are young one I'm 1,457yrs old your only 16. Compared to me your still a child, I bid you farewell until we meet again." Ombra said and chuckled as he disappeared with the wind. I sighed and shook my head. "Whatever you say Ombra."
  3. I crossed my arms and shivered as an icy cold breeze brushed against me. I looked up at the sky and could see colors of blue, purple, pink, and orange. It all looked beautiful as the sun was starting to set and hide behind the mountains, I turned around and tried to open the window door to my room but it was locked. I pulled it again and it wouldn't budge. I sighed and began to walk back and forth when an idea formed in my head. "Hey Starfire time to wake up." I said as I tried to wake up Starfire who was sleeping soundly on top of my head. "Starfire wakey wakey." I said and smiled. -Wha.....what what what happened?- I heard Starfire's little, gentle, and innocent childish voice say in my head. "Wow you sure say what a lot, anyways I need your help. You don't happen to know how to break a lock do you?" I asked. I could then feel Starfire instantly whip around and stand up. -As a matter of fact I do thank you for asking.- Starfire replied to me in my head and jumped from my head onto my shoulder and then onto the ground. She crawled rapidly and swerved until she managed to make it to the lock of the window door, she unsheathed one of her sharp claws and began to get to work. She fiddled around with the lock until I heard a click and the window door creaked open. I smiled in amazement and clapped. "You never cease to amazement me Starfire." I said and walked inside to my room I smiled and inhaled the familiar air. I looked at the walls and could see murals of cheetahs. Starfire scampered inside and looked around. -So this is your room?- "Yeah....." I said softly as my voice trailed off. "Starfire come on." I said as I was eager to see the guys again
  4. Starfire scampered quickly over to me and climbed up onto my shoulder. I walked outside of my door and into the hallway my footsteps echoed throughout the mansion or so what I thought. It find it kind of creepy. "Guys?" I called out and waited for a few seconds but all I heard in reply was pure silence. "Guys?" I called out a little louder but there was still no reply, just shallow silence. I inhaled deeply and yelled at the top of my voice. "GUYS?!?!" I yelled and I could hear my voice seriously echo throughout the entire mansion this time. -Sheesh might as well let the whole world know your here- Starfire complained in my head. "Shutup Starfire." I muttered and walked farther down the hall. -Okie dokie- She replied happily and flicked her tail which gave a tickling sensation to my neck for a quick second but then it was gone. I reached the stairs and slowly walked down I looked around but there was just silence and a chill in the air. I reached the bottom of the stairs and trotted into the living room, I scanned the entire room with my eyes but everything looked untouched. -Maybe no ones home___________- Starfire said softly in my head and I could pick up a hint of fear in her voice. "Just wait a minute Starfire, I want to try something. For right now I want you to climb into my back pocket and stay in there." I said and looked at Starfire who was perched on my shoulder blade. -But- "Now Starfire." I retorted and instantly Starfire crawled down my back gently, careful not to cut me with her sharp claws and into the back pocket of my skinny jeans.
  5. I sighed softly and closed my eyes as I began to concentrate on one of my 5 senses, mostly on hearing. Then my hearing was built to the max as I could hear the sounds of birds singing from the forest. I could also hear two heartbeats one was increasing by the minute which is being caused by either fear or anger, I could really tell and the second heartbeat was slow and unsteady as if it was almost close to giving up. I don't know why but I was able to feel it, the heartbeat. My breathing began to match with the slow heartbeat and everything around my began to slow down as if time was stopping. I snapped out of the trance and returned to reality as I heard footsteps coming closer, I flexed my fingers and readied myself for whatever was coming cause I knew that there was no place for me to hide. I inhaled and then exhaled softly I closed my eyes and waited. After a few seconds I could feel a burning sensation as if someone was staring me down, I used my enhanced hearing to hear whoever it was heartbeat. Their heartbeat was the first one that I heard and it was beating rapidly right now and it was beating fast with fear and anxiously but also fear. I looked at the corner of my eye and I could see a tall silhouette, but I could also see that they had a sharp icicle in their hand. -Starfire I need you to try and see who is behind me, without being seen-I said in my mind softly, -Okay- Starfire replied. I could feel her shift position and then I heard her voice in my head. -It's a guy about 16 or 17 dirty blonde hair and- Starfire said but I interrupted her. -Let me guess bright amber eyes?- -Yeah how did you know?- Starfire asked and I could imagine her tilting her head to the side just like White Fang, but no time to chit chat. I turned around instantly and smiled when I saw who it was
  6. **Drake's POV** I turned fully towards Jayden's cell and smirked. "Well well look what the cat dragged in." I said and crossed my arms as I leaned against the cell bars. Jayden smiled and yanked at the chains again. "Yeah yeah whatever Drake now are you going to help my get out of here or are you going to let me rot in this cell?" He asked and tilted his head to the side as he gave me his puppy dog eyes. I sighed and gave a small nod. "Alright let me get Shane before the other guards find out about us." I said and turned around. "Wait hold on they still haven't found out that your here? Wow they are clearly idiots." Jayden said but I ignored him. "Hey Drake your coming back for me right? Drake Drake!" Jayden yelled and I smiled. "Hey yo Shane get over here." I called into the hallway and could hear my echo, a few seconds later Shane was beside me. "You called?" He asked and cracked his knuckled. "Yeah guess who's locked up in one of these cells." "Who?" "Jayden." "Nah nah nah where?" Shane asked and looked around. "This way." I said and lead him to Jayden's cell, Shane smiled and shook his head once he saw Jayden. "Long time no see huh Jayden." Shane said and placed his hands through the bars. Jayden raised his head and smiled lightly when he saw Shane. "Hey what's up Shane welcome to the party no get me out of this place." Jayden said as he voice grew serious. Shane and I raised our hands up and we gave a nod to each other. We grabbed both sides of the bars and pried them open with our super strength since being a werewolf and vampire comes with super strength. The bars left a large enough opening for us to crawl though. I bent down and slipped though the gap and into Jayden's cell, I waltzed over to him and grabbed the chains. I made sure that I had a good grip and then I pulled them with all my might. The chains came off with ease and Jayden was freed. He stood up and rubbed his wrist when he was done he gave me a pat on the back. "Thanks man I owe you one." Jayden said and slipped through the gap in the bars. "Yeah yeah whatever." I said and climbed through the bars as well. "Let's get out of here." Shane said and me and Jayden both nodded. We then all used our speed and raced out of the prison
  7. Let's just say when your traveling at 75miles per hour you create a lot of noise which we did and which caused a lot of alarms to be set off. A load of guards were behind us but they were too slow, we race us back to the morgue where me and Shane had entered from. I covered my nose and opened the door we ran over to the window and looked down below it. Lucky for us there was two mountain gondalas heading away from the prison. "Jayden your going first." Shane said and took a step back. "What why me?" Jayden said and looked out the window. "No time to talk only action." Shane said and shoved Jayden out the window. "Dude!" I yelled at him. "Oh relax Drake he has nine lives." Shane said and motioned me away. "Oh my god Shane how stupid can you be. That's a freakin cat Jayden isn't a werecat he's a werewolf!" I yelled at him and slapped him at the back of his head. "Oh." Shane said and immediately looked out the window. "Now it's your turn." I said. "What?" Shane asked but it was too late as I had already pushed him out the window. I heaved myself up and stood at the edge of the window, that's when the door busted open. "Stay where you are and don't move." One of the guards said, I smirked and put my hands in the air. "Idiots." I muttered and jumped out the window
  8. I looked below me and could see the mountain gondala but it was out of reach for me. I reacted fast and grabbed the wire that the mountain gondala was attached to, I started to swing and through the wire and I swear I felt like a monkey swinging through the vines. I gave one last swing and flung myself. I landed on the roof of the mountain gondala and rolled on my back until I managed to stop and stand up. "Woohoo yeah that's what's up Drake!" I looked to see that it was Jayden that was screaming and hollering. He was on the other gondala that was a little bit ahead of me, Shane was beside him with a grin on his face. I then noticed his grin suddenly disappear and him and Jayden yelling frantically at me. "Drake behind you!" They both yelled, I furrowed my eyebrows and turned around to see things make a turn for the worse. Manticores and Raves were flying towards me and to make things worse the gondala I was riding on came to a complete stop. "You've got to be kidding me." I said and cursed. I turned around and grabbed the wire as I started to swing again, I continued on swinging and soon Shane and Jayden started to do the same. "Come on Drake hurry!" Shane yelled. I began to swing faster but my hands were getting tired and started to bleed from the rusty wire. I concentrated on the force field as I was still swinging but I was getting closer and so were the Manticores and Raves. The force field deactivated, Jayden and Shane race through it and made it to the outside and I sighed and began to swing back and forth. "This is my only shot." I said and inhaled. I then flinged myself at me hardest, I shot through the force field just in the nick of time as it activated microseconds after I came through it. I landed on my side on the ground and gasped for air. Shane and Jayden helped me up and both gave me support to stand up as they both place me arms around their necks. They then used their speed and raced off towards the mansion
  9. **Your POV** I turned around instantly and smiled once I saw who it was. "Omar!" I screamed but there was one thing I wasn't expecting, and that was that Omar was completely shirtless and holy freaking wow! He had a six-pack with tan flawless skin and lean muscles that were the right size for his build which only made him look hotter. His dirty blonde hair was tousled and wet which was cute on him. "Holy-.____________!" Omar yelled happily and the sharp icicle in his hand disappeared. He stretched his arms out for a hug but I hesitated. "What?" He asked and looked at himself. "Oh...." Then just like a smooth talker he looked at me and winked. "Come on__________you know you want to." He said and stretched his arms out wider for a hug. I smiled and shook me head as I laughed. "You wish where are the other guys?" I asked and crossed my arms. Omar put his arms down and scratched the back of his head nervously. "Yeah about them they went looking for you at The Electrifier Bloodshed." He said nervously and began to play with his thumbs. "What!?!" I yelled as I knew how cruel and horrible that place is. "Alright relax___________I'm sure they'll be back soon but right now I need your help." "With what?" "Just follow me." Omar said softly and grabbed my hand as he lead me down multiple hallways until we made it to the lab. I gasped once I saw Aaron badly wounded and banged up on the bed, I walked over to him and looked at him. For the first time Aaron looked fragile and helpless. "What happened to him?" I asked Omar as tears began to form in my eyes. Omar sighed and shook his head. "I don't know we just found him like that, Aaron was flying above us and we weren't looking up so we have no idea how he went down. That's why I need your help__________, I need your help to try and heal him." "Okay I'll help you but firsts things first, put on a shirt Omar." I said and smiled lightly as I turned to look at Omar. Omar smiled and nodded as he left the lab
  10. I made sure Omar was out of earshot so that I could call Starfire. "Starfire do you think you can heal Aaron like what you did with me back at the prison?" I asked as Starfire crawled out of my back pocket and jumped onto the bed beside Aaron's head. -I can try- She said softly and I nodded as I turned towards the doorway to keep a lookout as Starfire began to lick his wounds. A few minutes later I started to hear the sound of Omar's footsteps coming closer. "Quick Starfire hide under the bed." Starfire nodded and jumped off of the bed and slipped under the bed. She hid well in the shadows and stood quiet. Omar entered the lab wearing an Obey shirt, he trotted over to Aaron and raised an eyebrow when he noticed that most of his wounds were healed. I looked down at the ground with an innocent look on my face, Omar smiled and shook his head. "Alright I won't even ask but I do need your help on his bones. You see Aaron's bones are bended in place I never knew where even possible." Omar said as he looked at me. I sighed and crossed my arms as I began to think as I walked back and forth in the room. Then that's when I remembered on of Shane's powers. "Wait doesn't Shane have bone manipulation?" "Yeah why?..........oh now I get you. We can get Shane to use his bone manipulation to fix Aaron's bones, but there's one problem. There's a possibility that Aaron can wake up and scream in pain and agony." Omar stated and leaned against the wall. Oh he got me there but there's no way I'm giving up. I started to walk back and forth again when I snapped my fingers and smiled. "It's simple we can use anesthesia to make him sleep through it just like doctors do to make their patients sleep during surgery." I said simply, Omar smiled and clapped his hands. "You are amazing___________. Now all we have to do is wait for the guys to return."
  11. About an hour later I heard the front door slam open with me enhanced hearing and within a few seconds Shane, Drake, and to my shock Jayden stood at the foot of the door to the lab. "___________!" Drake and Shane both yelled and hugged me immediately. They then released me and turned towards Omar. They started to ask him some questions that I was too lazy and bored to eavesdrop on so I just turned my attention towards Jayden. "I didn't expect you here Jayden." I said and smiled, Jayden shrugged and smiled in return. "Neither did I." Drake and Shane turned around instantly one they heard Jayden say that. "Wait a minute how do you two know each other?" Omar asked. I was about to respond when Jayden spoke up. "I'll save you the trouble, long story short we met at The Electrifier Bloodshed." Jayden said and smirked. I rolled my eyes and sighed. -Why is it that Jayden sort of looks similar to Drake?- -Maybe it's because me and Drake are brothers- Jayden said matter of factly in my head. My eyes widened as I looked at Drake. "You and Jayden are brothers?" I asked and pointed my thumb towards Jayden. Drake nodded and glared at Jayden. "Yeah we are." "Ah I love you too older bro." Jayden teased. "Okay moving on so Shane can you do it?" Omar asked and then all eyes were laid on Shane. Shane sighed and flexed his shoulder. "Let's do this." He said and rubbed his hands together

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