The Lightning Girl (part 6)

Sorry it took me longer to get this out, I explained in the comments. Jinglebells don't moo they quack!!!!

Recap: Cole was actually being possessed, you're in a castle in a cell. And you heard a voice at the entrance of the cell.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo
  1. "Well, well, well. Looks like that possession didn't last very long." A voice said near the entrance of the cell door. I turned wound and saw the King of the Dark Side standing there. "How could you do that to your own son?" I yelled at him. "Ah, but you see, that's where your wrong. He's not my son." The King told me. "What do you mean he's not your son?" I asked him, completely shocked. "Cole's not my son. I took him away from his parents. His Light Side parents. I made a deal with them. They said that I could kill then as long as I didn't kill their son. They knew that I needed an air to the thrown. So, I made that deal with them, killed Cole's parents, and took Cole. That same year, my wife had a son." The King explained. "Then why didn't you kill Cole?" I asked. "Because it's fun to mess with people's minds. And Cole never saw my real son." He replied. "Who is he?" I asked. "Oh, you've already met him. His name is Ashton."
  2. Then it hit me, like a ton of bricks. How Ashton "couldn't" untie my wrists. How he hit his head on the tree on "accident". How he didn't help me because he was "following" my orders. "So I take it that you have met him. What about my other children? Have you me Hanna, London, and Shadow?" The Dark Side King asked me. "I haven't met Shadow." I told him. "Well that's understandable, considering that he's been inside of Cole." The King said. Beside me, Cole shifted, and slowly opened his eyes and started coughing a little. "You were suppose to kill him, Shadow!" The King angrily yelled. Shadow stepped into view. He had black hair and dark brown eyes with flecks of black in them. "I didn't have enough time!" Shadow yelled back and then leaned his back against the cell wall, crossing his arms. "Really? Two years wasn't enough time? I could kill someone in less than a second." I said. "Shut up." Both the King and his son told me.
  3. "Make me." I retorted. "Maybe I will." Shadow threatened and took a step towards me. All of a sudden, I was thrown back into the back, cement wall, of the cell. When my eyes came back into focus, I saw London smiling at me. "Looks like I beat you to it, Shadow." She told him as she turned her head away from me. 'Big mistake.' I thought and then kneed her in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her. "Get in here and stop her!" The King of the Dark Side yelled. Before I could do anything else to London, guards came pouring into the cell, and two guards pinned me against the wall. Shadow walked up to me and put his hands on my head. I thrashed my head around but his hands were still on my head. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Cole start to slowly get up. I stoped moving my head and realized that Shadow was going to try and posses me.
  4. I would've shocked him, but the Deactivator on my wrist was preventing me from doing so. I could feel the electricity building up inside of my. Then, a thought occured to me. 'I might not be able to use my power while he's outside of me, but I might be able to use it when he tries to posses me. It's worth a shot.' I thought (me: hahaha that rhymed!!) and then Shadow disappeared and I knew that he was inside of me. I made as much electricity as I could and then exploded it inside of me. It didn't hurt me, but it hurt Shadow. I screamed and I didn't know why at first, but then I realized that Shadow must've had control over my voice and I my legs because I dropped to my knees, still screaming. I looked up and saw the King smiling while Cole looked horrified. I summoned the last of my energy and shocked Shadow with all that I had left. I screamed and then finally, Shadow came out of me. I stopped screaming and tried to catch my breath while Shadow laid on the ground. His cloths had holes in them, they were also steaming, and some parts of his skin were black. I looked up again and this time, the King of the Dark Side looked horrified and Cole was smiling.
  5. "What did you do to my son?" The Dark Side King demanded. "I electrocuted him." I simply replied. "That's impossible, you have a Deactivator on." The King said. "Yeah, but that only stops my power from the outside, not the inside." I told him. All of the guards rushed towards Shadow, leaving the cell door right open. Cole must've had saw the same thing because after he glanced at me, we both sprinted out of the cell. I tried my best to ignore the horrific pain in my leg, but it was too much. I collapsed on the floor, blood flowing out of my leg. My arms were still tied behind my back, so I twisted my body so I would land on my shoulder instead of my face. The thud that I made when I fell, made Cole turn around. He rushed towards me and knelt beside me. "What are you doing? Get out of here while you still can!" I yelled at Cole. "I'm not leaving you again, Alana." Cole told me.
  6. "Aww, that's so sweet, Cole. Now leave." I told him. "No, Alana, I'm not leaving without you." Cole told me, his deep green eyes still had a few black flecks in them. "Then do me one favor. Untie my arms and turn off the Deactivator." I said. Cole quickly untied my arms and touched the Deactivator. It fell to the ground and Cole's eyes no longer had black flecks in them. Once the Deactivator hit the ground, two thing happened. The King of the Dark Side and his guards came rushing out of the cell, and I thought my head was going to explode because Ethan was screaming my name over and over again. 'Alana! Alana, are you there?' Ethan yelled. 's---, Ethan. Shut up!' I yelled in my head. 'Oh thank God! Alana, are you okay? What happened?' Ethan rapidly asked me. 'I'm not in a very good position to explain everything right now.' I grunted as I rolled out of a guard's sword. I raised my hand at the guy and lightning shot out of if and hit him. I assumed he died because he stopped moving, and he was kind of burnt.
  7. 'Why? What's happening?' Ethan asked. 'Fighting.' I replied as I put up an electric wall so if any of them tried to get to Cole and me, they would get shocked and would probably die. I made my hand spark with electricity and put it on the gash on my leg. It instantally felt better and when I looked down, my leg was healed. (me: And just when you thought you knew everything about the powers, I throw you a curveball, confusing you. Well, here's the explanation: If you have a power that is one of the elements, (Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, and Lightning), then you can heal yourself by using your element. For example, if you had the power of Fire and you were injured, all you have to do is step into a fire and you would be healed. Make sense? Good. Now back to the story....) I looked up and saw the King of the Dark Side pushing his way through the guards. "We gotta go." Cole said as he helped me to my feet, just as the King broke through my electrical fence. Cole and I took off sprinting down the long, dark hallway with the Dark Side King behind us. We burst out of the castle's doors when....
  9. Sorry that it took my longer to write this part, I explained it in the results.
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