Apollo's Curse (part 8)

Just because I'm blonde doesn't mean I'm dumb, it just means I have better hair than you. Please take my other quizzes. The Lightning Girl and Solstice. To get to them just hit the blue name that say DaughterOfApollo and if that doesn't work then type in the tittle but put gotoquiz after it.

Megan~Blonde, hair blue eyes, about 5'4" and is crazy, random, super funny, athletic, animal lover, sarcastic, and can sometimes forget things. Dakota~ Brown hair, hazel eyes, about 5'2" so she's the shortest. She's crazy, random, funny, and her and Megan are kinda like twins at some times. Alaina~ short blonde hair that goes to her shoulders, gray eyes, and is super smart.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. Jason and I were entering the subway and he kept on asking me all these kinds of questions like: what's your favorite color? What's your favorite animal? How's your day been? When he said that question I gave him the death stare which shut him up. We got off of the subway at Riverside City and I started following the path of my vision. Once we got to the spot, I noticed that it was really quiet, like dead silence. I was about to say something when I was picked up from a net on the ground that was attached to a tree. I screamed in surprise as it picked me up.
  2. "Jason, get me down from here!" I yelled at him. "Okay, hold on." Jason replied as he started climbing the tree. While he was busy climbing, I heard a rustling in the trees and saw a large figure come out. "Um Jason?" I said with fear in my voice. "Yeah I know, I'm getting you down." Jason said, annoyed.
  3. "Well forget that, we have much bigger problems!" I yelled at him.  "What are you-" he was saying, then turned his head towards where the monster was, "oh gods." was all he said before he jumped down from the tree and flipped a coin that turned into a sword. Lighting started hitting the ground next to the monster while Jason was battling it.
  4. For some reason my hand went to my necklace and hit the bow and arrow. Within less than a second, I was holding a golden bow and arrow in my hands. I drew the arrow back and released it. The arrow hit the monster right between the eyes and it disintegrated. "Woah, nice shot," Jason said, sounding impressed.
  5. "Thanks," I replied, "now can you please get me down before another monster comes?" "Oh yeah, sure. No problem." Jason replied and he started climbing the tree again. Once when Jason finally cut me down from the tree, we started looking around for the little girl. Jason and I searched and searched but we never found her.
  6. I was about to say something to Jason when something big and heavy knocked me to the floor and put some sort of weird handcuffs, that went to my wrist to about the middle of my forearm, with a thick metal bar right in the middle of them. The same thing happened to Jason and I looked around and saw six monsters around us (eight if u count the ones that knocked Jason and me down). "That little girl vision works every time," the one above me said, "come one let's get them to our base." He said to the other monsters.
  7. I some how managed to get my arms in front of me and my hand hit the sun on my necklace. Instantly, it started to sink into my skin along with the circuit around my head and my arm rings. I looked at my arms and where the rings were, there was now a tattoo of them. Again, I some how managed to get my arms back behind my back before any of them noticed.
  8. The monsters put Jason and me in a bag, which no one would enjoy. It was dark and really humid in the brown sack and it smelled like rotting meat. "Knock them out," one monster ordered. Just before I got knocked out, I had a memory of my friends and I who were smiling and laughing. Then something hit me in my head and I was unconscious.
  9. CLIFFHANGER!!!! Please comment and rate and tell me what you like about it and what you don't like and stuff like that.
  10. What's your favorite color out of these 3? (does affect score).

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