Solstice (part 1)

This is a story about four people and the main characters name is Solstice. I wrote it in 1st person 'cause I find it easier to write like that.

Starships, were meant to flllyy. Hands up, and tough the skkyy. Can't stop, 'cause we're so hiiigh. Let's do this one more time. I LOVE that song XD well, anywho, please comment and rate and please take my other quizzes. Just hit the blue name that says DaughterOfApollo.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo
  1. There are four of us. We aren't like most people, we have special abilities. There's Nyx, Dylan, Skye, and me-Solstice. We never knew that we had these abilities or else we would've used them when the first attack came. You are probably thinking of some questions, or your getting confused. So let me start with the first day of school....
  2. When I woke up, I heard my foster parents calling to me. "Solstice, wake up! We want you to hurry up and get out of our house and to that boarding school!" My foster dad yelled at me. "I would gladly leave this God for saken house!" I yelled back at him and got out of bed. "Don't sass your father, little lady." My foster mom scolded me, as I came down the stairs. "He's not my father and your not my mother." I told her, "And I'm not a 'little lady'. I'm fifteen."
  3. "Don't sass me." My foster mom said in a threatening voice. "Whatever, Sheila." I said as I went over to get a bowl of cereal. "You will call her mom and me dad. Do you understand me?" My foster dad said in a stern tone. "No I don't, Frank." I replied as I was looking for the milk. "Then no breakfast for you." Frank said. He came over and snatched the bowl from my hand. "Fine. We don't have any milk anyway." I said as I marched upstairs. I'm not in a very good foster care system. I've been living with Frank and Sheila for two years now. The first day was okay, Frank and Sheila helped me unpack my stuff, but that was it.
  4. I've always been living in the worst houses. Before I went to Frank and Sheila's house, the one before them cut off my blonde hair while I was sleeping. But that was the only bad thing that they did. Frank and Sheila were much worse. When the fourth day came, Sheila said that she had a surprise for me. She grabbed my arm and forced me to come with her, down into the basement.
  5. She pulled me into a corner, next to a pole, and tied my left arm to it. She told me that she was going to get the surprise. About five minutes later, Sheila came down followed by Frank, who was holding a metal spatula. Sheila went over to a table and picked up a camera as Frank walked over to me. Sheila started taking pictures as Frank beat me till I was bleeding. When he stopped hitting me, I was dripping blood on the floor and crying. Sheila came over and untied me, then grabbed my arm, dragged me up two flights of stairs, and locked me in my room. Later that night, I heard Sheila and Frank laughing, and I envisioned them looking at the pictures that were taken by Sheila. These beatings happened once a week.
  6. ****Back to the present**** Once I was finished packing my bag, I looked in the mirror to see if I could see my scar above my right eyebrow from my first beating. Luckily, my side-sweeping bangs covers it up. "Solstice, get down here, and get in the car!" Frank yelled up the stairs. "I'm coming!" I yelled back at him. I grabbed my bags and ran downstairs to the car. Frank and Sheila came in the car after me. As Frank drove to Brown Boarding School, I was thinking of how great my life was going to be without Frank and Sheila ruining anything. Of course, I was wrong.
  7. (me: this is technically chapter two but since it was short and only 8 questions, I'm gonna put chapter two up on this section.) We finally arrived at Brown Boarding School, (or BBS for short), and it felt great to finally be outside after two whole years of no fresh air. I forgot how hot the sun was, as its warmth went through my body. The sky was so blue and hardly any clouds were out and the grass was greener than ever. I was half-way across the massive courtyard, that was filled with at least 200 people, when Frank yelled, "Try not to stab someone at this school, Solstice." Which made me turn around. Made 200 people stop and stare at me.
  8. "What are you talking about?" I asked him, completely astonished. "Remeber at your last school? When someone stole your pencil, so you took out a pocket knife and stabbed him?" Frank said as he walked towards me. "I'm sorry but no, I don't remember that. You wanna know why? Because you never let me go to school. Instead, once a week, you tied me to a pole in your basement and beat me till I was bleeding on the floor." I replied angrily and heard shocked gasps coming from the other students. "You filthy, little, brat." Frank growled as he struck me across the face. Before I could retaliate, he was in his car, and driving away. I turned around to face those 200 people, but they were already going about their business. Except for one guy with dirty blonde, a little spiky, hair and blue eyes-that reminded me of how the sky was today- came up to me. "Are you okay? Did it hurt?" He asked me. "I'm fine and not that much. You get used to the pain after two years of beating." I replied as I reached down and grabbed my bag. "Well, I can relate to that. Mentally not physically." He told me quietly, "My adopted parents always told me that I was worth nothing. That I should be dead and that it was my fault that their family members died and that it was my fault that nobody liked me." "I'm sorry." I said sympathetically. "Well, it probably isn't half as bad as being tied up in a basement and getting beat every week." He said as we were walking towards the counter to check in. "Criminal." Some girl said to me as we walked past each other.
  9. "Don't listen to her." The guy said as he gently put his hand on my arm, pulling me away from her. "O don't think I know your name." He said. "I'm Solstice. And you?" I asked. "My name's Skye." He said while smiling as we reached the front desk. "First names please." The guy behind the desk said. "Solstice." I answered and then he typed my name into the computed. "B wing, room 208. Please try not to stab anyone at this school." He said a little cautiously, as he handed me my room key. "I never stabbed anyone." I said angrily as I snatched my room key from his outstretched hand. "My name's Skye." Skye said before the guy behind the counter could say something back. "I don't see a Sky." He said after he got don't typing the letters into his computer. "It's pronounced 'sky' but it has an 'e' at the end." Skye said, getting a little annoyed. "Oh, here we are. A wing room 136." The guy said to Skye, "And welcome to BBS."
  10. I must end it here. Please comment and rate and please tell me what you think about it.

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