He called me dude part 4

Please make sure you took part 1-2 before you take this. Part one has a summary and *** means character view switch again. Thanks violalover and angelic4!!!! and hazelfangsbite!!

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Created by: 54packers
  1. *** Cassidy. It was the first Friday of the school year. And Heather had introduced me to about fifty girls and guys she knew. I could only remember a few... Bryce, Nikki, Danny and Dawn. The more I hung out with Heather, the more I liked her. After Brianna left, we were never in touch again. I'm not sure what happened. But it's kind of awkward now. I don't even wonder what she does these days anymore. Hopefully she's happy somewhere. Heather was pretty outgoing. She was constantly changing herself drastically. Her outfits were completely gorgeous and cute but always a little too outrageous. Her makeup and eye shadow stuff were constantly changing and so was her hair. I kept telling her that curls suit her best. She doesn't listen. And I notice that her height is constantly changing too. One day, she's taller than me, another she's short. So when I finally have the sense to look down, I notice she wears the craziest heels. Once I asked her to take her shoes off. She did. So did I. Her real height was halfway up my forehead. Heather goes on and on about tons of guys, so I'm not sure which one she likes. Well, I guess she likes all of them.
  2. Saturday morning. I woke up to her voice. I think I hang around her too much. And then I realized my window was open from last night again. I look out and there she is on the sidewalk with this other girl who isn't facing me. The girl stands perfectly still, holding a basketball, while Heather was leaning so far on dad's fence, I think she's gonna tip over. She doesn't.
  3. "Morning Cassidy! Can you come out here? We should go play basketball at the park!" she shouts at me. Today was blonde pigtails. When will she ever reveal her true hair color? "Coming?" she hollers again. "I'll check with my mom," I shouted back. She gives me the okay sign with her fingers. Then she fell over.
  4. I snort as I shut the window and go downstairs. I back up. Maybe I should go to the bathroom first. I brushed my teeth, ignored the comb, washed my face, ignored the towel, used the toilet, ignored the flush handle (I'm kidding), and left the bathroom. I put on socks and snuck up on my mom. "Mom, my friend Heather is waiting outside for me. Can I go to the park?" I ask. "May I see Heather?" she asks me. I nod. She follows me outside. Heather waves at my mom and me. The other girl was still not facing us. "Hello there, are you Heather?" mom asks her. Heather nods. The girl finally turned around. "And who's this?" she asks gesturing to the other girl. Before the girl could even speak, motormouth Heather says, "This is Carmen. She's my friend too." Carmen nods. "Okay, be back before noon then," said mom. "Have fun girls," she says as she walks back to the house. Heather grabs my wrist. "Let's go!" Heather was actually wearing some light sport gear. Carmen. I glanced at her a few times. Heather blabbed on and on. Carmen was a little ...intimidating. She looked so confident. The way she walked so smoothly and balanced. Her sleek brunette hair was pulled back into a ponytail that ended in a slight curve. She was tall and had a slender figure. Her lips made a straight line. She was really pretty and all, but I think I'm a little scared to talk to her. Heather doesn't seem to be bothered by anything at all.
  5. We stopped to pick up another girl. Heather left Carmen and me alone on the sidewalk while she walked up to the door. Great. Awkward. I didn't look at the girl. She doesn't say anything. Finally, finally, Heather comes back with another girl. The girl had her shiny, black hair in a high ponytail. "This is Dawn. Dawn, that's Cassidy and that's Carmen," said Heather. Dawn gives a little window washer wave. All I said was, "Hey." Carmen just nodded.
  6. Soon we were at the park. No kids were here. It was pretty small and looked like it'd been abandoned for a long time. The basketball court was deserted too which was good for us. Carmen threw the ball onto the basketball court and started dribbling. The basketball hoop seemed a little rusty, but a hoop was a hoop. It was two on two, me and Heather against Carmen and Dawn. By the end of three fast games, we all know who the queen of basketball suckers are. Me. We all know who the queen of basketball winners are. Carmen. Dawn came in second. Heather was third. "Tennis is more my sport," she tells me. Uh huh.
  7. So now to make it a little more fair on skill levels, Heather trades me in for Carmen. So now I'm with Dawn. We were going to start a new game. A new score board. But then someone throws a basketball at my butt. And I know it's not Carmen, because 1. She has the ball in her hands and 2. She doesn't seem like the type to do so. So I turn around and scramble after the ball. I finally grasp its sides and get a hold on it. "YO!" All us girl turned our ponytails (pigtails for Heather which are just more ponytails and a mophead for me) and we see two boys walk out of the trees and bushes. An Asian guy and an African American guy. Seventh graders. "Hey fluffy head. That's my ball you're holding," said the African American kid.
  8. I held the ball. "And that was my butt you hit," I growled at him. "Hey, not me," he said and pointed to the Asian kid. "Sorry," the Asian kid said sincerely. "It's okay Bryce, Cass forgives you. And Rick, you do NOT call Cassidy fluffy," Heather cut in. "Don't call me Cass," I murmur. "We heard you CASS," Rick sneered. The bush leaves were trembling again. Another guy popped out. His blond hair was jutting out everywhere and he flopped onto the ground. Balloon guy. "Hey girls," he said dazedly. And then he jumped up and said, "Hey! Rick, I thought you said this basketball court would be empty! Why are these girls here?" "Because we got here first. Now scram!" Heather snapped. "No way, we stay," Rick snapped back. And then his face changes from irritated to sly. "Or you girls can cheerlead us as we play..." said Rick. "Yeah right, we'll make you lick dirt," said Heather. "One of you fine girls can be my personal cheerleader," said Rick glancing at Carmen, Dawn, and Heather. Of course he skips me. A different voice shuts everyone else's. "Let's all play," said Carmen. Everyone looked at her. "You three boys against us girls and whoever wins two outta three games will stay here and the losers scram," she said. "That's fair," said Bryce. "But you got four girls. That ain't fair," said Rick. "I'll leave," I offered. "You sure Cassidy?" Heather asks me. "Yeah, you guys go on ahead," I said. "Great, you can be our cheerleader!" she exclaims. Dawn giggles.
  9. "No way!" I shouted as I left the court. "We ain't gonna win two games, we'll win all three," Rick snorted. The balloon boy was staring at Dawn. Bryce grinned every time Heather snapped at Rick or took charge. Rick kept glancing at Carmen. I guess I feel a little left out. I really hate myself for it, but sometimes I wish I would be pretty for just a day. Have someone stare at you a little.
  10. I watched the first game from the sides a little bit. "Seth! Seth! Pass it over here!" Rick would shout at him. So the balloon boy's name was Seth. With Carmen, those punks will be outta here in no time. Well, maybe Bryce isn't really a punk. He was just here to play. The real punk was Rick.
  11. Those guys were actually a good match for Carmen. I couldn't help staring at her. She did everything so smoothly. And then I got bored and walked over to the playground. Heather caught my eye. I gave her the ok sign and continued walking.
  12. I climbed the monkey bars and sat at the very top. I lay down on them. I looked down at the woodchips. I knew if I fell, I'd get a dozen splinters into my skin. Maybe even break a leg. Yeah, I'd break a leg. I was that far up. I turned my head to the game. Rick was circling Carmen while she dribbled in and out of her legs. Bryce was waiting by the hoop close to Heather, occasionally glancing at her, either because he liked her or because she could block Rick's pass to Bryce. Seth was just standing out there, not even near the other hoop like Dawn. He kept staring at the back of her head. Dude, get back into the game. The idiot. I inhaled a breath of air and hollered, "YO BALLOON MAN!" He turned to me just as Carmen threw the ball to the hoop Dawn was standing near. The ball bounced off the board extra hard and drilled Seth right in the side of his head. He was still staring at me when he hit the ground with his hands clasped over his head.
  13. I gave a loud cheer, "GOOOOO GIRLS! WHOOT WHOOT CARMEN!" Carmen glanced at me. I gave her two thumbs. She actually smiled at me. She sent back two beautiful thumbs. I watched as Bryce hurried to Seth's side to help him up. Seth pushed him away and sat up. He rubbed the side of his head. He looked at Carmen who wasn't looking at him. Then he looked at me. What? I gave another shout, "YOU'RE WELCOME BALLOON MAN!" Dawn was giggling the whole time. Seth didn't look at Dawn. His face kept flaring red and pink. Finally, Carmen walked over to pull him up. He looked a little woozy when he was on his feet. I flipped from my stomach to my back on the monkey bars and stared at the clouds. I told myself not to roll over because if I did, you know what happens. I was smiling like an idiot. And then I wasn't sure when I shut my eyes...
  14. Someone kept yelling... yelling... what were they saying? Donkey? Money? No... "Hey Monkey!" Go away. I wanna sleep. Why does my back hurt? What am I sleeping on? "Hey! Hey Monkey!" And then suddenly the yelling was right beneath me. "HEY MONKEY!" My eyes flew open and I rolled over before I could stop myself. I caught a glimpse of the sky as I tumbled down to the woodchips and fell onto somebody. A wave of pain shot through me a thousand times. There was a scream beneath me. There was a scream FROM me. There were a million screeches of pain. I was aching everywhere. I didn't move off the person.
  15. And then they pushed me off of them. I rolled over. My eyes cleared and I could see Seth on the ground three feet away from me, on his back, facing the monkey bars and the sky. I was on my stomach, on a bed of woodchips that poked the whole surface of my skin. His head turned to me. "Why'd you do that?" he manages out. I made a face at him. "I was asleep. You woke me up and I was surprised," I growled. "So you roll over and come crashing down to me," Seth grumbles. "Yeah, because some balloon head decides to scream MONKEY at me," I shot at him. "I don't think I can get up," he said. "Besides, what dork sleeps at the top of the monkey bars?" he snapped. "I do," I mumbled. "Of course YOU would," said Seth. It was quiet for a while. And then I ask, "Where is everyone?" "Dude, you slept through the two games which WE boys won so the girls scrammed. For some reason your "friends" leave you here so we started playing. Then Rick got bored, because he had no pretty girls to argue with and Bryce had to leave early to babysit. Then Rick left me here. And I don't wanna go back home, because my sister Shanna is there with her girl friends like every Saturday," Seth finished. I manage to nod my head. "This is awkward, we're talking on the ground," I said. "Better than being home with Shanna," said Seth quietly. He turned to me. "Whoa," he said. "What?" I asked. "Your back... there's monkey bar marks on your back," said Seth. "Eh, so?" I spoke to the woodchips.
  16. Seth sat up. "Hey, I thought you said you couldn't get up," I said. "I lied. I didn't want you to feel awkward alone on the ground. See ya," he said. "Wait, you're just gonna leave me here?" I ask him. "Yeah," said Seth. I twisted my face. "Ayuh," I said. Seth's sneakers walked out of my sight. And then it was silent again. What a guy. Leaves a paralyzed girl under monkey bars.
  17. Two hands slid under my armpits. They jerked me up to my feet fast. "OWWW!!!" I screamed again. The pain shot in ripples through my body. I kept screaming and screaming. The hands were still holding me up. I was leaning onto someone's body. I turned my head back up. My forehead hit his chin. "Stay still," Seth muttered. "What are you, superman? Go around lifting big girls?" I snort at him. "Think you can sit?" he asks me. "Uh sure," I said. He put my arm over him and set me down on a kid slide. He stands up and sits down in front of me on the woodchips. He folds his hands over his chin and cheeks and stares directly at me. "Don't stare at me like that," I snarl at him. He laughs. "Big girl? You are SKINNY, dude!" "Quit calling me dude," I snap at him. "Why? You could pass for one," said Seth. "Shut up or I kick your face," I growled. "You can't," said Seth. I felt my toes. "I can." I wiggled them a little. "You can't." My knee and ankle moved a little. "I can." I tried to feel my whole leg. "You can't." I felt it. "I will." It hurt. "You won't." More ripples of pain. "You asked for it." I sent my foot smack onto his chest.
  18. . He fell back. Only a little. He laughed again. "Shut up!" I yelled at him. He kept laughing. "I said shut up! Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!!" His hand flew to my mouth. His other hand had his finger on his lips. "Shh..." I turned around to what he was looking at. A five year old was standing where Seth had arrived earlier. Seth waved at the little boy. He ran away. My eyes hit Seth's. He started laughing again. I bit my lip and twisted my face again. I lay back and banged my head on the slide. I shut my eyes real tight. Then Seth pulled me up and started walking me on the sidewalk. After a while, I pushed him away. "I can manage quite well on my own," I tell him and try to copy a Carmen-confident-stroll. Fail. But I did manage okay on my own. Seth just walked behind me.
  19. "See ya Monkey," Seth said. "Balloon head," I murmured as I passed him. He watched me walk to my house. I stood at the door. Then I shut the door. I looked out the window, watching him walk. He was limping. Just a little. But there was something inside me that worried a little bit. Hopefully he'll be okay...

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