He called me dude part 3

Please make sure you took part 1-2 before you take this. Part one has a summary and *** means character view switch again. Thanks violalover and angelic4!!!! and hazelfangsbite!!

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Created by: 54packers

  1. *** Seth. I ran the comb through my hair one more time. When the comb teeth came off my hair, the strands poofed right back up. A simple red T-shirt with long gray sleeves, jeans, and a black backpack. I posed for the mirror. Mom always said that I had a killer smile. Hopefully, she wasn't lying. I strolled out of the bathroom. Shanna smirked as I walked by. Downstairs, Ben was up watching the early cartoons. "Go to sleep, it's only 6:40," I said to him. He doesn't answer. I go to the fridge and pull out a box of breakfast muffins, butter and orange juice.
  2. *** Cassidy. I chowed down my cereal. "Cassidy, please go brush your hair," my mom said. "Why should I?" I grumbled. Sleep gunk were still holding my eyelashes together. "You'll never be able to take care of yourself when we're gone," she said. She sizzled the eggs on the stove. "Would you like some eggs?" she asks me. "I'm eating Wheaties," I answered. I stared across the table at a chair. My spoon clinked as it hit the bottom of my bowl. I looked down. I had eaten all the Wheaties and drank all the milk. I got up and carried my bowl to the sink. Then I went back upstairs. I stopped when I smelled the onions and eggs. I decided to go back downstairs. She looked at me and frowned. "Don't tell me you want a serving of eggs too?" she said. She didn't wait for an answer. She already knew. She cracked another egg into the pan. She was adding rice and chopped parsley too. I walked back upstairs.
  3. I held my stomach. I think I ate too many Wheaties. But I wanted to have some eggs and rice too. I stopped in the bathroom to take a look at my hair. It stuck out a few places but that's alright. I don't think I've brushed my hair in three days. What's to brush? It's just a mop. I turned the faucet on and washed my face again. Then I walked to my room. I pulled my socks on, some jeans, a T-shirt, and my backpack. I could smell the eggs. I walked back downstairs.
  4. *** Seth. My bus stop was about a block away. I was early I guess. And then I panicked. What if this wasn't the bus stop? What if I misread the map, the school letters? But pretty soon this big guy with long curly hair walks up the sidewalk and puts a good amount of distance between us. He's a little chubby and round on the legs, arms and belly and was wearing shorts. All he had was a binder. I'm guess eighth grader. And then a few minutes later these two girls walk up the sidewalk and they talked like they knew each other. Pretty soon everyone seemed all here. Six of us in all, the curly chubby guy, the short blond and tall redhead that knew each other, the African American guy, and the Hmong guy. I looked in the direction the bus should be coming and we all waited. Nobody looked like a terrified sixth grader. Nobody talked much except for the two girls.
  5. *** Cassidy. My bus stop was right on the crossing of Vine and Hickory Street. Nobody's here yet I guess. A car passed by. I don't know how long I stood there, but it suddenly hit me, wasn't it PINE street and Hickory? Another car passed by and threw my hair all in one direction. I waited for another few seconds. I counted to thirty real slow. When I hit thirty and no other human being or vehicle passed by, I took off sprinting down Hickory Street in search of Pine Street. I think I saw it. The sign was too small to read. But there was a cluster of kids there. I slowed down a bit.
  6. *** Seth. And then I turn my head back to the kids and I swear I saw a goddess. An angel. My first mermaid. Whatever. She was absolutely, WHOA. And she's SHORTER than me. All the girls I ever had a crush on were skyscrapers. This girl was a million times more than any girl on earth. I was gonna say something. Maybe ask her if she came from heaven. Maybe ask her where she was my whole life until now. She stood a little apart from the cluster. I could stare at her forever. She wasn't wearing anything too special, but she'd looked great in anything. She was Asian. Hmong I guess. Her glossy black hair swept to her mid back. She was carrying a backpack like me. I dunno how else to describe her. Just flawless I guess, and she kind of set fireworks booming in your chest. So I had to look away. I looked just in time as the bus rolled around the corner. The bus passed me and stopped right in front of her. The Asian girl. She walked right up. Perfect balance and grace. I never noticed how people walked. I watched her sit right next to another Asian girl with a pink sweater on the bus. I just stared at her.
  7. *** Cassidy. The bus had pulled up. I had to sprint again. Please don't leave me...
  8. *** Seth "Hey! You coming or not," the bus driver hollered at me. I snapped back to life and started towards the door when someone suddenly beats me there. I scrambled up the steps right after her. The doors shut behind me as I look around for a seat. All were occupied with a few open for two more to scoot in. The pretty Asian girl was only sitting with that pink sweater girl but I wasn't gonna make it too obvious I liked one of them. The girl in front of me was still in search of a seat. She looked... familiar. As I passed the Asian girls, I made a face at the pink sweater girl and she saw me. And then she saw me glance at the pretty Asian girl too. I turned away, but I think she saw my cheeks go red too. The girl in front of me slid right into an empty seat. Why didn't I see that? I slid right in next to her. And then I saw her face. The word came out before I could stop it, "Droopy?" She stared at me with those plain brown eyes. "Balloon." The word came right out of her mouth too. Didn't seem like she cared. She looked straight ahead. I stared at her. I don't think she knows I am. "I'm staring at you," I said. No answer. "I'm a little creepy," I added for no good reason. She nods. Did someone program her face to look like that? And then suddenly someone shoves me with their body. I stop myself with one hand on the back of someone's seat and the front of my seat. She slowly turned her head to me. Damn, she has the slowest reflexes. "What are you doing?" she asks me.
  9. "Sorry," someone says from behind me. I turned around. It was the Asian guy from my bus stop. "We don't want the douche bag here!" some eighth grader shouts four seats away from us. "Uh yeah, you can sit here," I told him. "Thanks," he says as he settles down. I turned away from the weird girl. "How'd you get to here four seats away?" I ask him. "Pretty strong eighth graders back there," he mumbled. "Huh," I said. "What'd you do?" I ask him. "I'm not sure. They just grabbed my shoulder and suddenly I'm crashing into a bright red T-shirt," he said. "What's your name?" he asks. "Seth. You?" I said. "Bryce," he said. "Cool. I hear Gordon middle has a coyote family in their woods. Bryce nodded. "I just want to go back to East side middle," he said. "Same here," I said. And then I thought about that pretty Asian girl. Maybe Gordon could be okay. And I guess I could count Bryce as my first friend at Gordon middle.
  10. *** Cassidy. First hour was Social Studies. When I came in, half the class was there. No one talked. No one seemed to know each other. I put my tissue box onto the front table where all the other tissue boxes were. I slid into a desk and watched the teacher up front. She wrote her name big on the board, Ms. Johnson. Then she turned around and I saw she had on green ear rings dangling from her ear. I imagined how much it would hurt if someone ripped those right off. I imagined how much her poor ears already hurt from the weighty green balls. She wore glasses that made her look sharp and smart. Her hair was tied into a tight bun of brown. Her bangs reached her thick eyebrows and parted in the middle. No small strand of hair wandered off course. She wore a white shirt with cuffs and collar under a black thin suit. She had on a black skirt past her knees and wore pointed, three-inch heels. She was... symmetrical. Around her twenties. Too young to look so adulty. Like all other teachers would, she worked herself into a long speech on classroom rules, expectations, the wheres and whens and the whats, and the dos and don'ts, and the whys and hows. Then she told us to take out pencils. I heard talking behind me.
  11. "Hey... hey!" a sharp whisper. "Hey um... fluffy?" the same voice. "Fluffy!" the voice again. Wow, people these days have weird nicknames for their friends. There was a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and this girl with the prettiest curls was standing there. "Yeah?" I said. "Can I borrow a pencil?" she asks. Wow, first day and she didn't even bring a pencil. "Ayuh," I said as I reached into my pencil pouch and took out a No. 2 pencil. She frowned, but she took it.
  12. *** Seth. Gym was second hour. I slammed my locker shut. I forgot my gym shirt. I did my combination again and took dug around for my gym shirt. I pulled out the green shirt with black letters that said "Gordon Athletes." Then I gave my locker a good slam and ran down the hall. No teachers to pull me over. Gordon was like any typical middle school. A series of stairs, long hallways, team houses, normal classrooms and office and whatever. The school mascot and rules were already set out. They should at least let us students nominate a mascot and colors. The mascot was the turtle. And the principal gave a long speech about us working together as a community to bring this school to life. Whatever. I ran into a sixth grader. He was holding his schedule and looking like a total dork. Did I look like that in sixth rade? Unfortunately I probably did. I asked him, "Need help?" He didn't seem to hear me. I repeated myself. He kind of looked at me and nodded nervously. "Where are you going?" I ask him. And then suddenly I realize that this was my first time here too. I'm not much use. Luckily he says, "Art." I was just there for first hour. I tell him to take the seventh grade hall and make a left turn to the boy's restroom. The band room was right next to the boy's restroom. He gave me a wide relieved grin. And then he walks away.
  13. I opened the door and there were eighth and seventh graders. Great, gym with eighth graders. Our gym teacher Mr. Cress was explaining lockers and changing and how grading includes participation, effort and changing into your gym shirt and shorts. And then he talks a big deal about touching other people's property. There's a penalty for stealing from other lockers, even little jokes. And then he leaves us to change. I go into the nearest changing stall while nearly every guy changed right there by their lockers. I do NOT expose my body to anybody. But then there's these eighth graders standing outside my changing stall when I take off my shirt.
  14. The only thing that separates them from me is a curtain that stops at my ankles. And they could swipe the curtain wide open anytime they want. So I stuff my shirt on quick and try to hold the curtain closed. "Dude, whatcha tryin ta hide? There's nothin to hide, com'on out and change out "˜ere," one of them said. One of them had hairy legs. Another had light brown legs, another had pale freckled legs. "He's holdin the curtain shut," a different voice said. I let out a breath when the feet disappeared. And then the light brown legs came back and stood there. I stood there too. There was a sudden jab right into my stomach. I flew back into the wall onto my shorts and red T-shirt. There were snorts and laughs and then they were gone. I got kneed in the stomach. I waited until they were gone before I slowly stood up and quickly changed.
  15. *** Cassidy. When the bell rang, I was first out the door. Second hour was band. I wanted to do choir again. I did choir last year in sixth grade, but this year dad signed me right up for band. Then he told me to choose an instrument. I told him I didn't care, recommend me one. He didn't say flute. He didn't say French horn. He said, "Drums." Okay, sure. I thought I saw some first hour kids going to band this morning... "HEY FLUFFY!" that girl again. I turned around just as she nearly ran me over. She bent over, catching her breath. She held up my pencil like it was the Olympic torch. "Here... thanks... for... the pen... cil..." she gasped. "Ayuh," I said dumbly and took the pencil from her. And then she straightened up as fast as she got here. "Why do you call me fluffy?" I ask her. "Well, I forgot your name. And your hair... it's so..." "Fluffy," I finished for her. She nodded her reddish brown curls. "And your hair is so... noodles," I said. They did look like noodles. I started walking. She gave a giggle. "They're spose to look like princess curls," she said. "By the way if you forgot, my name is Heather. What was your name again?" she asks me.
  16. "Cassidy," I said. "So where you headed Cass?" she asks me. "Don't call me Cass," I said. She turned pink. "Sorry," I quickly said. "Ah no, sorry. I shoulda asked before I gave you a nickname," she said. "Well, didn't give me much of a choice, did you Noodles?" I said. "Yeah, I called you Fluffy and now Cass. You can call me Noodles if you want," she said. "Don't call me Cass," I said. "Sure. So where you headed?" she asks again. "Uh, band. You?" "Orchestra. I've been playing viola for four years. I wanna try harp this year. I've got a friend named Dawn who plays violin. She's been playing for SEVEN years. I'd get pretty bored with my instrument," Heather poured out. This girl, she was so open. Sure she talks a ton, but bottom line is I trust her. Okay, maybe I said that too early, she might talk TOO much. But I like her. I gave a laugh. "Ayuh. I never sang, I lip sang every time I could and now my dad signed me up for drums in band," I said. "Drums?! You look more like a flute girl," Heather exclaimed. "Nah," I said, "See ya." "And oh yeah. No. 2 pencils are dorky. You should get mechanical pencils. Bye!" said Heather.
  17. *** Seth. Mr. Cress glanced at me as I walked in late, but he didn't say anything. First days. Teachers don't say anything. They cut you some slack. Or maybe not. "You're late Seth Burner," he said. "I know," I said. "So, what will you do next time?" he asked. "I don't know," I said stupidly. "Wrong. You don't come here late again." I nod. Whatever. He showed us the school pool, the wall climbing room and the archery room. And then he had two boys to carry a rack of basketballs. One of the boys happened to be me. The other boy was the African American kid from my bus stop this morning. He was also in band. I looked at his sneakers. He's the guy who kneed me too. Didn't act like he did. So I decide to act like I was never kneed in the stomach. Well, maybe not for long.
  18. I shouldered him aside to grab a basketball and took off dribbling to my own basket in the gym. I raised the orange and black ball over my head. A ball sailed right into the basket. And it wasn't my ball. I turned my head back. The African American kid smiled a satisfied smile like I wasn't there. He shouldered right past me to shoot another basket. That one flew in too. I'm gonna show him I'm here. I took my chance when he was retrieving his ball. I threw my ball. It hit the board, rolled around the rim and fell off. I growled as I ran after it. Mr. Cress came around when the African American kid threw another one. "Nice shot Rick," he said. I felt a flush of envy and frustration flare on my cheeks.
  19. . I threw another one. I threw it hard. This time, it bounced right off the board and came back for my head. I held out my hand to it. It squashed my middle finger back into my hand. "You need to keep working on your shots, Seth," said Mr. Cress. I shut my mouth and waited until the doofus walked away. I threw another one. This one went in. I looked back at Mr. Cress. He didn't see it. I launched the ball again with my arm and it bounced back to my forehead. I looked back at Mr. Cress. He saw. He was shaking his head. The jerk Rick was dribbling away. Good. Get as far away from here as you can. I tossed. Missed. I looked around. That pretty Asian girl had looked at me.
  20. Her name is Dawn. She is Hmong. She hangs out with pink sweater girl whose name is Mai and this other Hmong girl named Sally. She has math, science, social studies, gym and language with me. I saw her carry a violin or viola case to and from school on Day 1 which are her music days. She's really quiet and shy. I think I've got all that stored in my brain somewhere. And it's only the second day of school. Lunch was next. This school's lunch wasn't too bad. The lunch ladies were a little nicer too. My locker popped open and I stuffed my books inside as kids streamed by me. And I'm hearing bits of conversation and here's one that made me freeze. "Dawn, I think he likes you. He made a face at me on the bus." "Then he likes you." "No, he made a face at me because I was sitting next to you. Don't you ever notice him staring?" "I..." And then the conversation floated away as Mai and Dawn floated away. I shut my locker and ran into the crowd. They were way ahead. I still ran. Wanna be first one in line. Rick beat me there. He grabbed a tray and started piling food onto his tray. I grabbed a tray too and started scooping potatoes.
  21. He walked to a far side of the lunch room. I moved away from him too. I sat down and started sipping on my milk. The lunch room filled up pretty fast. My table filled up pretty slow. Someone tapped on my shoulder. "Wassup," said Bryce as he plopped his tray down right next to mine. "You can't sit there," I said. He looks puzzled. "I'm kidding," I told him. He grinned again. I looked away and saw Rick standing up. He was heading for the boy's restroom. There was a crowd of late eighth graders rushing for lunch. The crowd nearly ran over a six grade boy who was heading for the restroom also. Rick pulled him back, just a brief touch on the shoulder. I had a feeling that maybe Rick wasn't such a bad guy.
  22. Gym again the next day. Nobody was bothering me anymore. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Rick grab someone's gym shirt and stick it in an unlocked locker. The owner came lumbering around and shouting threats at Rick. I saw the guy picking snarking on other people after school yesterday. Mr. Cress broke them apart and asked what was going on. Rick would deny anything and the owner of the shirt would be sayin that Rick took his gym shirt. And then Mr. Cress went around and asked for witnesses. There were only four boys in the locker room that wasn't involved. And all three wasn't too sure what happened. Mr. Cress came to me. I knew Rick and the big guy were standing right behind Mr. Cress looking at me. Mr. Cress was looking at me too. I didn't dare look away from him or he'd think I was lying. I thought a second and said, "No sir, nobody took anything." He stared at me some more and then nodded. "Alright then. Carl, come with me to the borrowing room," he said as he lead the big guy away.
  23. . So nobody got the big penalty of touching other people's property and nobody got their shirt back. I finished putting my clothes away and headed on out. Rick stopped me halfway out the hall. "Hey, thanks for covering for me." I slapped his hand off my shoulder. "I think I owe you one," he added. "You're welcome," I said. And then I clasped my hands over his shoulders and kneed him in the stomach. He flew back into the lockers. He curled up on the floor, clutching his stomach. Bryce just came out of the changing room and asked me, "How'd you do that?" "I only kneed him in the stomach. He curled up like that all on his own," I tell him. Rick raised his hand up to me. "Okay, now we're even," he moaned. I pulled him up. "Go put Carl's shirt back," I said. "Later," said Rick and he took off for the gym. Bryce and I ran after. We passed Mr. Cress's office. I saw him looking at me curiously. Whatever.

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