He called me dude part 2

Make sure you took the first part before you came here. Again, *** means character view change, the main characters are Cassidy and Seth. Seth has a sister named Shanna and two parents, two best friends named Robert and Calvin. Cassidy has parents, a cousin named Nelly and an old friend named Brianna.

You don't have to answer questions or read the results. I hope you'll enjoy the quiz story and stay tuned! Thanks! :)) la ta da la ta da doo ra fa oh ur

Created by: 54packers

  1. Her punk hair jutted out in every direction, they were a cotton candy blond and tipped with silver. Only her bangs were completely silver and usually curtained her purple and glitter eye shadow and mascara. Her nails were always polished and black. She had two hoop ear rings in one ear lobe and one cross ear ring in the other ear lobe. Her striped tank top showed the only the very top of her underwear which was pink lace and her belly button piercing. And then she had jeans that looked like they were too big for her and were shredded and clawed by a wild cat. She would have some loud jam in her pocket and her ear buds would be at full blast. She was always chewing gum and it would always be the strongest mint. Nelly had a little belt of roundess on her lower abdomen and stomach and she wasn't too proud of that. For years she's been trying to get me to replicate her style.
  2. She wanted me to tip my hair with silver, pink, black, red or whatever new crazy color she felt like, she wanted me to punk up my hair instead of my short bob, she wanted me to paint my nails shiny black, she wanted me to jam a needle through my belly button and ears which I'll never do in a billion lifetimes, she wanted me to smear my face with crazy colors, she wanted me to tear my clothes and whatever, but I never did and never will. I looked at myself. Last year's pants, last year's sock, last year's everything. I knew Nelly would buy me anything and always offered me gum, but I still fit my old clothes and don't really care about clothes. It's not like I'm a complete tomboy or something, I do fall in love with something really cute once in a while, but I know I wouldn't look good in it.
  3. We walked around the swimsuits. Nelly skipped the one pieces and heads straight to the bikinis. She starts out slow. I just stand there and let her talk. And she talks and talks. Every once in a while she'd pull out her cell phone to make a call or answer a call or text. And she'd ask her other 17 year old girl friends about their swimsuits. And every time she asks me something, I'd give a yes, a no, or a sure. And then FINALLY she picks out a bikini that she goes to try on in the trying room. And then she's poking around for a bikini for me. I tell her I don't swim. She says she'll teach me. I tell her I DON'T swim. So she says that I can swim but I just don't want to. And I say no, I don't swim. So she says that I don't have to swim, I can tan. And I say I don't tan. And so she wrings her hands to the ceiling and smacks my cap off my head. She offers a one piece. I say I don't swim. She says I will because I'm going to her swim party and so she pokes around for another seven years and then she's holding this blue and black one piece. And then she finally makes her purchases and then somebody calls her. Her ringtone would scare away all the people on this earth. I gave the cash register person a sympathetic look. Nelly starts yapping away again. "Hi Macy! Oh my god, are you serious!?"- pause- "Oh god, wait for me there, YOU HEAR?! DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH HIM!" –pause- "Yeah, yeah, I'll be there in five minutes. Don't go anywhere, STAY RIGHT THERE!"
  4. Nelly snaps the phone shut. She looks at me. She opens her mouth, "Cass." "What." "Here." She shoves the bags into my chest. "I need to go somewhere urgent." I nod. "So meet me back at the candy apartment at uh around 4:20. Here's some money if you get hungry," she says as she slaps some money into my hand. And then she runs off. I walked around. And around. Clothes. Clothes. I don't think I can breathe anymore. Some people looked at me weird. Yeah, look at me, I'm so hot. I stopped at a little section of the mall where little kids would have their moms get toys or candy from the toy or candy machine or insert coins for them to ride some lame machine. There was this mom in there with her three boys who were all arguing about what they wanted to ride. She lets go of the little girl's hand to put in quarters for the boys. The little girl stares through a glass pane at the stuffed animals in the toy machine. I walked over to her. "What are you looking at?" I asked.
  5. She looks up at me and runs to her mom who had her back turned to me and the girl, still inserting coins into a motorcycle ride. The little girl stares at me. The price was 1.00. I inserted 4 of Nelly's quarters into the machine and started to move the claw. I made the claw hover over a plush dinosaur. I look at her. She shakes her head. I made the claw hover over a fluffy puppy. She shakes her head. I made the claw hover over a small gray monkey. She nods her head wildly. I slammed my palm onto the red "drop" button and the claw dropped over the monkey. Then I pressed the red button on the hand and moved it slowly over to the drop. There were two monkeys in the claw. Double prize. I heard it drop and then I bent down to pick up the monkeys. I walk over to the little girl and hand her the two monkeys. She grabs them quick and hugs them. The mom turns to her daughter to find me there with her daughter hugging two monkeys. The mom raises her eyebrows at me. I kind of smile at her. "Oh, I'm sorry dear. Annie can be a little spoiled at sometimes, tell me, how much are the monkeys? I'll pay you back right now," said the mom.
  6. "Uh, it's okay. I didn't know what else to do with my money," I said. "So you go around buying monkeys for little children?" she asks me laughingly and I shrug. My stomach growled. "Now there's something you can use your money for. Go get yourself some food dear," she said. "Thank you so much," she added. I nod and start to walk off. The little girl tugs my shirt and holds up one of the monkeys to me. Her hands were sticky with honeybun glaze. I could smell it. "Thanks," I say as I take it. She grins up at me. I put the gray monkey in my knapsack. I got something to eat and sat at a table. I looked at a wall clock in the subway kitchen. I still had forty minutes left. My eyelids started to droop. I put my head on the table.
  7. Suddenly I woke up. It felt like something landed in my hair. How long was I asleep? I looked at the wall clock in the subway kitchen. It was 4:03. When did she say I had to be at the candy apartment? 4 something. Guess I should go now. I grab my cap and stuff it on my head and then I grab the bag of swimsuits of under the table and stand up. And then suddenly someone turns me around. There's this guy. Not one of those super tall guys at my school, but a guy just about my height except an inch taller. He had the palest blue eyes and they had lashes thick as a girl's. His dirty blonde hair needed brushing. Do all people forget to brush their hair in the morning? His mouth opened and nothing came out. His hand was still on my shoulder. "Hey, uh..." he said. I waited. He took his hand off my shoulder. "Uh, never mind," he said. I glanced at the clock. 4:05. I turned around and walked away.
  8. ***
  9. "What?!" I stared at my mom. "Well, that's what the school districts say. You have to go to the new school they built," she said. "Do I have to?!" She nods. I walked around, to the kitchen, and then back to the living room. I stared at the stupid letter on the table. I took it and crunched it between my hands and then I threw it at the door. "What are you looking at?!" I hollered at Shanna. Her eyes shifted back to her cell phone. I stormed upstairs. I mean, literally stormed. The whole house shook with thunder and lightning for every step I took up the stairs. Like I said, us Jacksons are big. Okay, so maybe I exaggerated. My sister could storm upstairs better than I could. I can't storm the stairs. So I slam the door as hard as I can. Anyone can do that. I kicked over a few things. School was in a few days. Summer vacation was almost over. And now there's too many families that moved to our city. And too many families mean too many kids. And too many kids mean that Ethers middle can't hold all these kids. And because Ethers middle can't hold all these kids, this doofus guy works on a new school and names it after himself, Gordon middle school. And so the doofus committee people decide to draw a line down a map that determines the next two years of my school life. And they decide to draw it smack dab down Mallon street. And they decide that kids living on THIS side of Mallon go to Ethers and kids living on THAT side of Mallon go to stinkin Gordon. And it turns out I live on THAT side of Mallon so I go to stinkin Gordon. I won't be returning to Ethers in anymore. As if sixth grade was not terrifying enough, it's like two years of sixth grade. Except I'll be in seventh grade. Just when I just fit in with middle school. What's worse is that none of my friends, Robert and Calvin, were going to Gordon, because I know they live on THIS side of Mallon so they'll be going back to Ethers. Great, I can't wait until school.
  10. ***
  11. Nelly didn't pass her driving test. So she had her friend Macy drive us back home. They drop me off at my place. My parents were sitting on the front porch. "Hi Mom," I said. "How was it?" she asks. "Uh, weird," I answered. She smooths her graying hair. I was a late baby. So anyone on the outside would've thought that my parents were my grandparents. And I was and will be the only baby they ever had. "I baked some bread inside if you're hungry. Go and put your stuff away and come back out here. I'd like to talk to you," she said. I nod as I walk in and put my stuff away. I took a roll of bread from the microwave and ripped off a chunk. I walked out to the porch. I sat there, letting it sink in. So, no more going to Hurston middle. Gordon middle school. Eh, big deal. It didn't matter anymore, since Brianna moved away a year ago in fifth grade. Sixth grade was nothing. The school barely did anything fun. Food was horrible, supplies were horrible and scarce, cleaning system was horrible. The teaching system was ineffective and the school's going to shut down any day. Everyone sucked at everything. I took my cap off my head. A saggy blue balloon fell into my lap. The lips of the balloon were saliva covered. I pinched it with fingers and threw it off the porch.
  12. Down the drain. I stood there in the shower staring at the drain. All the soap suds and water swirling down the drain. Summer swirling down the drain. First day of seventh grade at Gordon middle school tomorrow. Water streamed down my head. This was the only time that my hair would flatten out. There was a loud bang on the bathroom door. I'm serious, that door is gonna fall someday. "Hurry up, you're getting all the warm water!" Shanna whines. The door was locked. Once I forgot to lock it and she came in and opened the curtain wide to pour ice cold water all over me. She dumped the whole bucket on my head. Mom grounded her and I finally got revenge six months later. "Quit abusing the door!" I shouted through the curtain. "Quit using up the water!" she sends back. I scowled. I didn't reply. I stood in the shower for another minute and then I turned it off. My hand reached out to the towel rack. No towel. What? I poked my head through. No towel. The mirror was fogged up again. I forgot to turn on the bathroom air vent.
  13. I didn't groan loudly like I would. I knew she was right behind the door with my towel. I forgot that everyone in the family knew how to unlock the bathroom door, in case one of us forgot to make sure there was toilet paper before we took a dump. There was the fluffy red rug on the bathroom floor in front of the sink and a blue one in front of the tub. I'm thinking about keeping an extra towel in the bottom every time I go shower. Shanna was probably waiting for me with a water gun. I sat down in the tub with my elbows propped on my knees and chin in my fists. I stared at the drain. I know we're siblings and all but I do NOT walk around naked to ANYONE except my mom or dad if I get seriously hurt. Sometimes when I really piss Shanna off, she'd punch me in places where the bruises wouldn't show... I winced. I listened. No sound on the other side. I was gonna have to go out there with a rug wrapped around my middle. Complete silence for like another ten minutes. I slowly got up. My head was all dry now, the poof crawled back into the tips of my hair. I ran my hand through my dirty blonde head. Only my bottom was wet. I quick locked the door and then I got down to my knees and looked through the bottom of the door. As soon as I put my head on the floor, a stream of water shot into my eyes. I hear a "Pew! Pew!" and then I opened my eyes just in time to see her feet pound down the floor and run upstairs. Great, now she's probably gonna lock me outta my room and shoot me down all over. Then suddenly there were littler feet coming towards me on the other side of the door. The feet stopped just three inches from my face. Ben knocked. I scurried back into the tub. "What?" I asked. "I needa pee," said Ben. Then I had an idea. I scurried back to the bathroom door and said, "Ben, listen. Go get me a towel, then I'll let you in." "Did Shanna take your towel?" he asks. "What do you think?" I say. "But I needa pee first, really bad," said Ben. I groaned. I unlocked the door and then rushed back behind the curtain. It takes him a long time to go get a towel and bring it back. And then I run upstairs with the towel wrapped tightly around me. I'm gonna dump ice on her tonight.

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