Magic Adventure 8

This one is realy quick coming, I know. I was just bored, and needed something to do. So here's part 8! Wow, I'm doing good so far! Please comment and rate, because the comments inspire me to keep going.

Recap: The last day was not very exciting. You learned spells, you learned that the foe is called Shuffox, and that he's what is called a Douth. You have discovered that Naris can "feel" where objects are. So, you're now traveling to find the dragon egg that was stolen.

Created by: Skydragon

  1. The following days are basically a rehursal every day. Traveling, some chatter, and impeccable scenery, that you may admit.
  2. "We're near." Naris says in a deep voice. He points ahead.
  3. You see many blasting vulcano's before you. Lave grounds, and cracks in the earth, through which you can see fire. The air is full of dark clouds.
  4. "The egg is beyond those mountains of lava." Naris points out, while pointing at a few vulcanoes ahead of you. "It is within a series of tunnels, underneath the ground. I can feel it."
  5. You glare at the land, and try to focus on "feeling" the egg also, but it doesn't work.
  6. "You should stay back. I'll fly overhead, and inform you of what is going on. Then we'll plan things." Naris says.
  7. "All right." you say with a sigh. Ivy turns, and trotts back into the dense forests. Leah follows, and also the remaining horse.
  8. Night comes early, and by some miracle, you manage to fall asleep that night. When you awake in teh morning, you're staring at Leah's worried face.
  9. "Naris and Veldaro still haven't returned." Leah says. You sit up immediatly.
  10. Leah begins to grab your breakfast, and hands it to you, while saying. "I walked towards the edge of the forest, to look if they were coming. It was just this morning, but I couldn't notice a simple glimpse of them."
  11. "Lady______," you hear Verras say in your thoughts. You look at her. She had curled herself up to your side. She's also looking up at you. "Let me scout for them."
  12. "It is the only way that we can find them." Verras's older-sounding coice says. You sigh. "All right then. But be careful. Alert me if something's wrong." you admit. "I will." Verras promises, and stands up. She quickly jumps into the air, and with swift movements of her wings, she dissapears in the distance.
  13. You wait for much longer, and Ivy informs that it's already halveway the day. You begin to worry about Verras. "Verras!" you scream with your mind, but no answer comes.
  14. "I've had enough of doing nothing! I'll be the hero, and save them." you say, and get up. "Oh, _______." Ivy says. "It's good to be brave, but sometimes it's better to be wise." she says.
  15. Before anyone can stop you, you pace towards the edge of the forest, but when you do, you also hear Ivy coming after you "_____! Don't do this!" she calls after you. But you also hear something else. A faint call...
  16. "Retreat! Retreat!" you hear Verras call, but before you can even ask why, you see her flapping her small wings with impeccable effort. Following her, are ugly creatures of a black color. They carry many horrible weapons. You pull your sword, and get ready to battle them. "No! Retreat! They're too much for you!" Verras says, while still flapping her way towards you.
  17. Before you can do anything, you hear a dragon scream. A horrible sound it is, and over the horizon, and along with the monsters, is coming a black dragon....
  18. Then you hear a faint voice, call in your thoughts. The voice calls your name, and also calls for help.
  19. You suddenly feel lightheaded, and you begin to feel dizzy, and weak. You hear Verras calling to you, and begging for you to hold yourself together. But all your efforts are wasted. You fall, and faint...
  20. It is all black, and you are no longer thinking clearly.
  21. Sorry, that was the last for now. Be patient. You will have a good battle realy REALY soon. I hope you enjoyed! I hope the length was good.

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