Something Weird (part 1)

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it :D Alright, so, this is a story about a 15 year old girl named Nirvana. She doesn't have any parents because they died.

Jinglebells don't moo, they quack!! And so she's been living in a forest since she was in 5th grade. She had to learn how to survive on her own and run from people that want her. I hope you enjoy it :).

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  1. I've been living on my own for four years now. Ever since the 5th grade when my parents died. Before they died, they told me to run, and keep running because they told me they didn't want me to be adopted or become a foster child. I did as they told me, and I ran into a forest. Some people tried looking for me, but I would always run away. Lately, I've been seeing things. Things I can't explain. I would occasionally see something shimmering, but it would quickly disappear. Or I would hear someone say my name in a whisper but when I would turn around, no one would be there. I was always prepared to make a run for it if someone did show up. My name is Nirvana and this is my life.
  2. A rustle in the bush awoke me from my sleep. I quickly sat up and tried my best to see what it was in the dark night. My muscles were tense in case I needed to make a run for it. I squinted my eyes to get a better view. Then, I saw it. There was a tall dark figure standing behind a bush. Judging from the size, the figure appeared to be a male. I saw his head move back and forth as if he was looking for something. I got myself into the position to run in case he saw me.
  3. "Nirvana, I know you're here." I heard the figure say, which definitely confirmed that it was a guy. "No one's going to hurt you, as long as you come with me." He said as he moved his head from side-to-side. I prepared myself to sprint. I tried my best to look around the forest and locate my escape route: two trees that pointed west. I spotted it and sprinted towards it. My footsteps were silent and my black, green, and brown cloths helped me blend in. The only thing that stuck out were my rainbow eyes and my blonde hair. As soon as I reached the trees, I heard footsteps rushing towards me. "Nirvana, stop running!" He commanded, but I ignored him and countinued to run. I put a lot of distance between us before I burst through the tree line and stopped because of the cliff in front of me. 'Was I suppose to go right or left?' I thought as I looked both ways.
  4. "Nirvana." I heard someone whisper my name to the left of me. I snapped my head that way and saw that shimmering rainbow shape. I hesitated a little before I took a leap of faith and ran to the left. Before I reached it, it disappeared, leaving me confused once more. I continued to run and I soon found myself running downhill. A couple seconds later, I saw another forest and instead of heading straight into it, I veered to the right.
  5. When I stood in front of a tree that pointed south, I got on my hands and knees. I moved my hands through the grass until my right hand hit something hard. I grabbed the latch that my hand hit and pulled up. The underground door opened up and I slipped inside it, closing the door behind me. It wasn't very roomy. I had to stay on my hands and knees and it was just a one-way tunnel that led into the heart of the forest. I dug it myself. I could feel the vibration of some heavy footsteps coming towards me. "Nirvana, come out of that forest. You can't run forever." He called out.
  6. I ignored him and started crawling through the tunnel. Ten minutes later, I saw the door. I cautiously lifted it up and looked around. "Nirvana, I know you're down here!" I heard him call through the tunnel. It echoed and I quickly crawled out of the tunnel. 'Now what?' I thought. Usually by now, they give up and go home.
  7. "Nirvana." The voice whispered my name in front of me. I ran forward and climbed a tree. I got comfortable and crouched down low into the cover of the leaves. Ten minutes later, the guy came out of the tunnel. I held my breath as he pulled out a walkie-talkie. "Yeah, she's gone. I don't see any tracks of where she could be." He said into it. "Then come on back. We'll try tomorrow night." A voice replied and then the guy walked away.
  8. I let out my breath and waited to make sure he was gone. "You know, for someone who has never been trained, you're pretty good." A voice said behind me just as the sun started to rise. I turned around and saw a guy my age standing on a branch and leaning against the tree. He had black hair, gold eyes, and tan skin. He was wearing a dark green shirt and black shorts. Before he could say anything else, I leapt down from the tree, and ran deeper into the forest. I ran for about five minutes before a tree fell in front of me, making me come to a halt. "Wow, you run fast." The guy said as he came up behind me and I noticed that he was breathing heavy. I looked around and was about to make another run for it when he held up his hand. "No, please, don't run. I just want to talk to you." He told me as he stopped breathing heavy.
  9. "About what?" I demanded as I crossed my arms and I noticed that he smiled at the sound of my voice. "So, I am finally able to get the Silent One to talk." He commented. "I've never seen you before." I told him. "True, but, you have ran from me before, no matter how many times I tell you to stop." He told me. "Is that all you wanted to tell me?" I asked as I un-crossed my arms and prepared to run, but I didn't know which way. "No. I wanted to ask you if you're the Spirit Seer?" He told me. "The what?" I asked as I was still deciding on which way to go. "Nirvana." The voice whispered to the right of me and I snapped my head that way. My quick movement caught the guy's attention. "What? What is it?" He asked me. "You didn't hear it?" I asked, sounding confused.
  10. "Hear what?" He asked me. "That." I said as I pointed to the shimmering figure. "There's nothing there." He told me. "Yes there is." I protested. "What did it say?" He asked. "My name." I replied. "Nirvana." It whispered again, this time more urgent. "What?" I asked it. "Run." It whispered and then disappeared. "What did it say?" He asked. "We need to run." I told him. "Why?" He asked and the there was a rustle in the bushes and that guy came out. I took off sprinting towards the right with gold eyes right behind me. The guy appeared in front of me and I skidded to a halt. "Looks like I have two Supernaturals here. Nirvana and Adam." He said as he gave us an evil grin.
  11. Cliffhanger!! Sorry it was kinda short. But then again, it is the first part. Bye guys.

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