Can you survive my mind O.o? Lolz prt 2

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Yes thats right part two is here if you thought you made it home before you are dead wrong many new twists and turns new info of my weird magical mind

I have a crazier weirder morbid mind than this but ill leave that for another quiz paybe part 3 hehe lol btw if you havent taken the first part then please go take it before you do this one ty nyan

Created by: NellielXoX of Tumblr NellielXoX
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  1. You think you have escaped my world and think your home in your room but as you open your bedroom door you see a portal in its place its pitch black all you can see is a bright blue road. You hear giggling from deep within the portal the room behind you is dematerializing hurry what will you do?
  2. You walk down the blue lit up road and find yourself in a forest the giggling you heard before gets louder echoing through out the forest. You see a narrow path and you hear water rushing what will you do?
  3. You go in and see a little sister (if you've played bioshock then you know what this is) "hello there she giggles are you lost if so follow me!" She takes your hand and leads you to the river . In the river you see a wooden boat with 2 oars."if you want to go out uou better go quick down the river before the monster arrives" you?
  4. You get in the boat and paddle down the river and you stop at a clear path leading to the meadow, when sudenly a girl with green hair rushes past you laughing ahe seems familiar to you some how her voice echoing through out your head. You?
  5. You follow the familiar person through the path to the meadow, when you get there you see her sitting down in a chair drinking coffee there is a small table big enough for two people. and another chair. She signals you to come sit with her. You?
  6. you sit with her and drink coffee"well well we finaly meet face to face" the girl smirks while sipping her coffee, then some pastries apear out of nowhere and she offers you one you take one of the pastries and then it hits you. You recognize that voice that hair color its...?
  7. Yes it me NellielXoX hehe. I drink my coffee then take a bite out of my strawberry tart."so you realized who I am yes I am the person whos mind you are traveling in" I say with a wide smile. "how do I get out?"you say drinking your coffee slowly. "well to get out you have to pass a test will you take it ?"
  8. "okay then heres your test you must go through the manticore if you can defeat it your reward is your freedom if not well you know you'll be stuck here" I open up a path through the high thick wild grass there you see the chaimera who awaits you at the gate to let you go though to fight his evil brother the manticore half lion half scorpion beast. You?
  9. You walk,through the tall thick wild grass path I made for you and walk toward the chimera. "well it seems your back choose your weapon abd fight my brother and defeat him" thete are three weapons lying on a table a sword of light a wand or and an axe you chose ?
  10. Well you defeat the manticore depending if you chose the sword of light if not well I save your but. "you have made it you pass you have earned your ticket home" I open a portal and your back to your room you open your bedroom door just to see if its not a trick but its not you see the halway leading to the staircase you close the door and lie back in bed glad to be home...(or are you depends I fc you want a part 3 ppl comment and rate.)

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Quiz topic: Can I survive my mind O.o? Lolz prt 2