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  • Ending of a failed quiz
    "Well seems as if story of elisa is a major flop maybe I should quit the story and start fresh since no one seems to like,the quiz 4ppl took ..."
  • Find me on tumblr
    "Yay ty skatterbrain"
  • Find me on tumblr
    "@Skattebrain yup thats it follo ws the link on the top thst says nellielxox tumblr Lol blog is random XD @carri04"
  • Find me on tumblr
    "Nelliel here find me on tumblr same username I wish I can put my url her but I cant but its on my quiz called the animequiz follow m"
  • New here
    "[no urls] Its called story of elisa click my username and youl see it"
  • New here
    "[no urls] This is my first rp quiz plz take the quizz if theres anuthing wrong with it minus the grammer I already know my gramer suc"

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