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***READ ME*** Hey guys, I'm back! I know that earlier I was either going to write a horror story or a romantic comedy, but being the impulsive person that I am, I've decided to write something totally different. This story is very different from Paranormal Love. It's written in first person. It is mostly sad, but it does have some happy, funny, and romantic moments. It also may just be the very first story on gotoquiz that is only one part long... unless yall want me to write more.

Just a warning: I hope you're in the mood for reading because this story is kinda long. I apologize to those of you who have short attention spans, please bear with me. Pretty much the whole story is a girl having a flash back. Well, you'll see. Some of the events in the story are true. Another thing you should know is that the characters don't have names. Perhaps I will give them names if I choose to write more, but no worries, it's easy to tell who is who. I hope you all enjoy the story! :)

Created by: Firey_Soul

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  1. "I don't know him anymore. He's a stranger to me."
  2. I never thought I'd ever whisper those words to myself. I always thought that what we had was special. I always thought that he cared about me. I always thought he'd keep his sweet, charming personality forever. I never thought that he'd leave me here with a broken heart, fighting back tears... but in the end, I was wrong about everything.
  3. I looked down at my blank sketchbook page for what seemed like the millionth time. My mind was loaded and yet I couldn't think of a single thing to draw. Whenever I'm upset, I go to the park near my house, I sit under my favorite tree and I draw in my sketchbook. It always makes me feel better, except for this time. I was too upset to even draw. A cool breeze ruffled my hair as well as my sketchbook pages. I closed my sketchbook and stared at the faded cover that I painted years ago. I set my sketchbook down beside me and looked up. The colorful sunset reflecting off the nearby lake captured my attention. The park was really quiet. All I could hear was the birds chirping and the wind sounding almost like a whisper. I was the only one here, and it was a perfect time to get lost in my own thoughts.
  4. The first person that popped into my mind was... no, I can't even say his name. I didn't want to think about him ever again, although I knew that wasn't possible. I guess I'll have to process this eventually, so why not just get it over with? I decided to start from the very begining, when I first laid eyes on him.
  5. It was 3 years ago, when we were both in 6th grade. I remember it like it was yesterday. My first day of middle school- I was so nervous, I was about ready to die. I had managed to find my first period class, which was language arts. The desks were arranged into groups of 4 or 5. I timidly walked in the classroom and sat down in the back with 3 other girls having a loud conversation. I expected them to look at me, or at least say "hi". Instead they ignored me like no one was even there. Soon enough, the teacher walked to the front of the classroom, introduced herself and re-arranged the seating. I was now seated with 3 boys.
  6. The boy next to me was shorter than me and had short platinum blonde hair and pale blue-green eyes. He also had kind of a unibrow. "Not very attractive." I thought. The boy sitting diagonally from me had dark skin, funny looking teeth, geeky glasses and black hair in a weird buzz cut. His eyes were dark brown, almost black and they looked dull and empty. He was worse than the guy sitting next to me. Finally, I looked across from me and my heart skipped a beat. Sitting across from me was a cute boy, taller than me, and fit. He had medium length wavy jet black hair and medium skin with a line of light freckles dusted across his nose and cheeks. Sure, all that was pretty attractive, but what captivated my attention the most was his gorgeous eyes. His eyes were a deep shade of chocolately brown; big, soulful, and innocent looking. He also had dark eyelashes that seemed to compliment them. They may just have been the most beautiful pair of eyes I've ever seen...and they were looking right back at me. Yup, that was him.
  7. I broke eye contact because it was too much for me. Instead, I looked ahead at the teacher who then instructed us to tell the people in our groups a few things about ourselves. I hardly listened to the other two boys... I just waited for HIM to speak. He ended up talking about his huge family. He had a ton of brothers and sisters. I was an only child. I could relate to his huge family situation though, I had a ton of cousins. The two of us ended up talking about our crazy families and even sharing some laughs. Somehow we got on the subject of pets. I explained that I was alergic to pets, so instead of a dog or cat I had a some pet rocks. Right after I said that, I felt stupid. I thought for sure he'd think I'm a freak, but instead he just laughed and thought it was a cool idea. I couldn't help but notice his smile... pure white and absolutely stunning. "I think I'm going to end up liking him." I thought.
  8. We became friends within about a week. We always talked in class about random, funny stuff. The teacher would yell at us, but we'd just ignore her and keep talking. If we absolutely had to be quiet, then we'd pass notes. I soon realized that he was the first real guy friend that I had. Then, a month later... something crazy happened.
  9. He asked me out. In band class. In front of all of his friends. I could hardly believe what I'd just heard. Nobody knew this, but that had been the first time a guy has ever asked me out. My cheeks burned and my heart was beating dangerously fast. Everybody was looking at me and I felt that my answer would determine the fate of the world. I hardly had time to hesitate or really decide how I felt. "What if he was just joking?" I thought. That almost caused me to turn him down. But then, a different thought came to mind. "We're friends. Friends don't lie to each other." I took a deep breath, looked him in the eye, and said "Yes." Some of his friends smirked and high-fived him, but his reaction was all I really cared about. Seeing his bright smile was totally worth it. That was the day we became more than friends.
  10. By the end of my 6th grade year, I've decided that it was the best year of my life so far. I was wondering if us dating would change our friendship, but it didn't. We were still friends, just... more. We would hang out every day at school, never running out of things to talk about. He always had the funniest jokes. They were pretty nasty, but I thought they were hilarious. Sometimes he made me laugh so hard that I cried. Sure, I was kind of embarassed, but he just laughed along with me. People would stare at us like we were freaks, but that never stopped us. I also liked how he wasn't afraid to flirt with me in front of his and/or my friends. Sometimes he'd put his arm around me, pull me close and say something to make me smile. Other times, he'd poke my sides so hard that they hurt or he'd try to tickle me. I'm usually not ticklish, but for him, I was... I can't explain it. Afterschool was one of my favorite times to hang out with him because it was just the two of us. We'd flirt a little, hug, and say goodbye. I'd noticed that we hugged a lot... but we've never kissed yet.
  11. On the last day of school, I was excited and slightly terrified at the same time. I was excited about summer, but I didn't want to leave him. So there we were, standing across from each other. We had less than five minutes of school left. I let him know what was on my mind, how I was worried that we won't get to see each other over the summer. "Don't worry," he said. "Even if we don't get to see each other over the summer, we can still talk and text. Then, next year we can be together again." I smiled and hugged him. It seemed that he always knew just what to say. He hugged me back for a second, but then poked my side which made me spazz out a little. I just smiled and rolled my eyes. Then the bell rang. He took a dark green sharpie out of his pocket and wrote his name on my arm with a heart. "I'll miss you." he said. "I'll miss you too." I replied. We hugged one last time and went our separate ways... without a kiss.
  12. Summer came and went in a flash. The next thing I knew, I was getting ready for my first day of 7th grade. I arrived at school with butterflies in my stomach. This time, my first period was band. The hallway was so loud and crowded, I could hardly see where I was going. Just then, I bumped into someone. I looked up and saw that it was him! He looked even hotter than I imagined! He was taller, more muscular, and his hair had grown out a bit. "Hey, I missed you!" I blurted out. He responded with a cute half smile and hugged me. At that exact moment, I realized just how much I missed his hugs and I could hardly believe I had gone nearly 3 months without them. He was the perfect height and build for me. I felt comfortable and protected in his muscular arms. I leaned my head against his chest and for a second, I could feel his heartbeat. It felt just like heaven. I was sad when he pulled away, but we did have to get to class after all. "C'mon," he said. "We have some catching up to do." And with that, we walked to the band room together.
  13. We picked up right where we left off, still talking, joking, and flirting like we always did. We still hung out during lunch and after school. I couldn't help but notice how his jokes have gotten even nastier... but I still found them funny. Often we talked about x-rated stuff. "There goes my innocence." I thought. "Oh well." Now that I think about it, he always was a bad influence on me, but I never minded. In fact, I kind of liked it.
  14. Once when we were in reading class, we had to get this project done... but let's just say that we weren't having a very productive day. First we were passing notes, making fun of all the teachers. He had drawn a fat, ugly version of the reading teahcer with a mustache, unibrow and funny glasses. I unfolded the note and giggled... until someone walked up behind me and pulled the note out of my hand. I turned around and my eyes widened- it was the reading teacher. She glared at me, ripped up the note, told me to do my work, and walked away. I looked back at him, biting my lip nervously. "You should have seen the look on your face!!!" he choked out between bursts of laughter. My cheeks burned red. "Was I really that bad?" I asked. He nodded. "No worries, though." he said after calming down. "Alright, let's just get this project done." I replied. I didn't get very far before I noticed him taking my pencil bag. "Hey! Give that back!" I snapped. He smirked. "Why? What's in here?" he asked. "Nothing!" I answered. "Well, we'll see about that." He replied raising an eyebrow. Honestly, there was nothing interesting in there, I just had a problem with people looking through my stuff. He unzipped my pencil bag and pulled out my flash drive. "And what do you plan on doing with that?" I asked. My flash drive is the type that has a lid attatched to it. He pulled the two pieces of the flash drive apart and put them back together really fast. "They're connecting." He said with a huge grin. "That's what she said!" I replied laughing. "Now give me my flash drive!" "You want it?" he shot back. "Then come and get it." He placed the flash drive on his lap... really close to his crotch. I'm not sure how my facial expression looked, but he was smirking. "Do it." he said. "Uhhh..." I replied. "Unless you're scared." he challenged. I hesitated before grabbing my flash drive as quickly as I possibly could. "Don't ever make me do that again!" I said. He just gave me his famous bad boy smirk.
  15. His flirting just kinda took off from there. He was always touching me, or hugging me. He had even kissed me on the cheek a few times. I'll never forget that one day when we were hanging out in the hallway after school. The hallway was completely empty except for the two of us. He had his arm around me and I was leaning on his shoulder. Neither of us were saying anything, which was completely out of the ordinary. We turned to face each other and shared eye contact for a moment. His dark eyes were still as gorgeous as ever. They were so hypnotic and had a sparkle to them. I hardly even noticed that our faces were about an inch away. However, I caught on when he broke eye contact. He leaned in closer and kissed me lightly on the corner of my mouth. I expected him to pull away, instead our lips touched for the shortest, sweetest time. It happened so fast, I wasn't even 100% sure it happened at all. Whatever it was, my heart was about ready to jump out of my chest. He pulled away slowly. "Was that your first kiss?" he asked. So it did happen! Might as well tell the truth. "Please don't think I'm lame." I said. "Trust me, I don't think you're lame." he replied, putting his arm back around me. That afternoon, I went home in a daze. I could still feel the ghost of his lips on mine, and it made me smile.
  16. I could go on and on about every sweet, funny, or romantic moment we've ever had, but I'll save it. Let's just say that for pretty much the whole year, I was on an emotional high. I couldn't help it, he made me so happy and nervous, but in a good way. I thought that what we had was real and that we'd be together forever... I mean, it always seemed that way.
  17. Before I knew it, I was in eighth grade. Eighth grade... also known as a major turning point in my life, my first year of high school, and the year my life turned to crap. Less than a week after school began, I had noticed that he was acting more distant... eventually he started ignoring me completely, so I confronted him. His response: "Sorry but I just think we should break up." A wave of confusion and hurt hit me. "Why?" I asked trying to sound as neutral as possible. He looked at me for a second. "I like someone else, okay?" he said in an emotionless voice and walked away. That was the last thing he ever said to me. At that exact moment, I felt like I just got slapped across the face. "Someone else?" I thought blankly. "What the f--- just happened???"
  18. It wasn't long before I saw who that 'someone else' was. I was walking down the hallway when I saw him. His back was pressed against the wall and there was a girl standing across from him, holding on to his wrists like there was no tomorrow. I couldn't help but stop walking and observe them. I took one look at the girl and the first thought that flashed through my mind was "He dumped me for THAT?!" She was about as tall as him. Her hair was in a messy pixie cut, it had been dyed so many times that you could hardly even tell what the original color was. At the moment, it had been dyed a fake looking orange-ish reddish color. My skin isn't perfect, but hers was about 5 times worse than mine. Her eyes were a solid pale green and she looked as if she had no soul. She was dressed in these loud-ass freaky looking fake fur covered clothes. Now, people may not know this, but I have absolutely ZERO self confidence... so if I think I'm better looking than you, then you must be ugly. I probably should have walked walked away by now, but I couldn't tear my eyes away from them. Their faces were really close together, and they looked like they were about ready to make out in front of the whole school. He looked away from her for a second and his eyes met mine. I just gave him a look of disbelief and walked past them. "Babe, who's that?" I heard her say. "Oh, she's nobody." he replied. "Nobody," I repeated under my breath. "I can't believe this crap."
  19. What I felt at first was hurt, anger, and confusion. All those nice things he said to me in the past, all those times he called me pretty or cute. All those compliments, even those cheesey yet funny pick up lines he's said to me... they meant nothing. Now he's refering to me as "nobody." But why? I tried to tell myself that this was just a fling or perhaps he's messing with me, and that he'd want me back in no time. I TRIED to tell myself that, but something told me that wasn't the case. I couldn't believe my own lies.
  20. The thing going on between them progessively got worse. I'd see them almost every day in the hallway together. He'd have his arm around her, he'd playfully poke her side or try to hug her. He'd whisper stuff in her ear that would make her smile... just like he used to do to me. Sometimes he would look at me for a brief second, then back at her. She'd make some snide remark about me. He'd just smirk or agree with it. They thought I couldn't hear them, but I heard every word. He never talked to me anymore- not a single word. He treated me like I was invisible. I tried not to look their way, or listen in on their conversations, but I just couldn't stop. I couldn't stop dwelling on the fact that he seemed to have forgotten that what we had was special, and he's treating it like it never happnened. The more I thought about it, the more betrayed I felt. Why must I torture myself like this?
  21. Homecoming was the absolute worst. Not only did I show up dateless, but my best friend was really late, so I looked like an anti-social freak for half an hour straight. I also stood out like a ketchup stain on a white blouse. While all the other girls were wearing fancy schmancy dresses and evening gowns with their hair done up all fancy, there I was with a black T-shirt and a sorta dressy black and purple mini-skirt. My hair was wavy and my bangs were pulled back in their usual style. I was nothing special. I stood by the door, waiting for my best friend to arrive so I'd have someone to talk to. The door opened... and instead of my best friend, I see him... holding hands with her. She was wearing a black dress with silver glitter and she finally tamed that dead hamster on her head that she calls hair. She didn't look bad. And him... with as much as I hated to admit it, he looked smoking hot. I nearly choked on the punch I was drinking when I first caught sight of him. His hair was slightly messy in a way that looked sooo hot. He was wearing black jeans, a dark blue plaid button up shirt that was open, exposing his black shirt underneath. Along with that, he had a silver necklace and black converse. Not the fanciest outfit, but he still looked sexy as hell. The way his eyes looked in the dim light reminded me of why my heart always beat so fast when I looked into them.
  22. I vowed that I wouldn't look at either one of them for the rest of the night... but you know how that goes. It seems once you decide not to look in a certain spot, it's impossible to keep your eyes from accidentally going there. I don't think they ever took a break from each other. They were both good dancers, she's a much better dancer than I am. I pictured myself dancing with him. I pictured him laughing... with me, not at me. Although I suck at dancing, we'd probably still have a great time. I didn't even realize I had spaced out until I felt my best friend tap my shoulder. "You're smiling like an idiot and I want to know why." she pointed out. I blushed. "No reason." I replied. Just then, a slow song came on. "No, don't go there!" I begged myself. However, my eyes had other plans. Sure enough, there he was. His eyes were half closed and he had his arms wrapped around her. Her face was buried into his neck. There was no space in between them. I guess my bestie noticed that I was looking at them because she said "Don't worry about that, he's not worth it anyway." Her words did nothing. The jealousy and anger I felt in my heart was actually causing me physical pain. "That should be me right there." I thought. "She doesn't deserve him." My brain wasn't thinking logically at the time. I didn't even take into account that he was a big jerk now. I just stormed out of the building and walked home... which probably wasn't the smartest thing to do because by the time I got home my feet were on fire from the heels I was wearing.
  23. As the months slowly passed, I noticed even more changes in his behavior. He used to be pretty smart when it came to school, but now he was a total slacker. I mean, he didn't even TRY. This year, I only had one class with him which was language arts. He openly admitted that he didn't give a s--- about school. Plus he was a total dick to the teachers and the "weird" kids. In middle school, he was never that mean to anyone. He used to be such a sweet guy... but now he's a heartless monster.
  24. I had every right to hate him, and yet only part of me did. I just couldn't forget about how much I used to like...or perhaps even love him. I couldn't forget about the amazing person he used to be. All the memories are bittersweet though, because in the end, he shattered my heart into a million pieces. I've had time to find most of the pieces and slowly patch them back together. However, there's one piece of my heart that is still missing... and it belongs to his past self. His beautiful past self who I will never see again. That's what has been keeping me from moving on. I'm attatched to someone who doesn't even exist anymore.
  25. I was brought out of my deep thoughts by what felt like water dripping down my face. As an automatic reflex, my hand brushed across my cheek. I looked at my hand- it was water. Just then, I realized what was happening...I was crying. I could hardly believe it. I haven't cried in years. I didn't think it was physically possible anymore. Whenever I felt like crying, my eyes would get a bit watery, but that's as far as I would get. This time, an actual tear had fallen from my eye, followed by another and then a few more. I didn't try to stop crying, there was no one around me after all. I calmed down within a few minutes. I felt better now. I wasn't going to waste any more energy thinking about him today. A small smile spread over my face as I watched the last of the simple, yet beauty-filled sunset. I closed my sketchbook, put it back in my bag and began to walk home.

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