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Sup welcome to would you rather the quiz that sees how daring you are choose from the less or more embarassing choises the more embarassing the more daring you are

This is a quiz just for fun hehe lets see what you get post up your score on coments my friends lets see what you get dont forget to rate this quiz guys

Created by: NellielXoX of Tumblr NellielXoX
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  1. Would you rather eat candy that fell on the floor or eat a hotdog that fell to the floor
  2. Would you rather have food in the desert or water
  3. Would you rather show up naked to school or in embarassing pjs with babies on it
  4. Horror movie moment wich horror movie wold you rather be in freddy krugar or f r2 iday the thirteenth (jason)
  5. Would you rather be a monkey or crocodile
  6. Would you rather watch x rated movies with your grandma or have your mom see a x rated text ur bf/gf sent you
  7. Would you rather be a wizard and live in harry potter world or be a human/vampire (depends on gender human girl vampire guy) in twilight
  8. Would you rater live a short and happy life of be imortal and live a somewhat happy life
  9. Would yo rather eat moldy pizza or ants
  10. Would you rather live in the simpsons or family guy?

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