How Daring Are You?

If you're taking this quiz i guess you wondering how daring you are. Well, I can tell tell your you're about to find out because this quiz will tell you.

Are you daring, sorta daring or not daring at all. Well, if you wanna knkow your're gonna find out! But if it isn't true don't worry, not everything is always true so........LET THE QUIZ BEGIN!

Created by: booknerd67

  1. whats your favorite game?
  2. where do you sit in the classroom?
  3. your friends dare you to ask out your crush, how do you do it?
  4. out of these colors, what do you like the best
  5. what do you say the most?
  6. what are you most likely to do?
  7. who do you tell your secrets to?
  8. chose a word
  9. how good are you at keeping secrets?
  10. how well do your friends trust you?

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Quiz topic: How Daring am I?