Are yopu daring?

Eveyone is unique and has a different level of braveness and dareness.It is good to be brave and daring but too much might be bad as it might hurt other people eg. playing tricks on them as you're too daring and that's why I said it might not be a good thing unless you know how to control yourslef.

Some people dunno their level of braveness and dareness so if you will like to find out, take this very short quiz and you'll soon know yourself even better than before!

Created by: Someone

  1. Which dare u dare to do?
  2. In a game of truth and dare, u would choose ,
  3. Choose a dare that u will do
  4. You were queueing up in the toilet and suddenly this person cuts queue,
  5. If you see a person whom u like,
  6. you go for a gathering people you are not close to and with your friend but ur friend is sick and not able to go with you,
  7. u have a best friend,
  8. you like birthday parties
  9. Choose a dare which u dare to do
  10. You go for a movie with your crush
  11. You ask ur mum if you can buy a designer bag and ur mum says NO

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