Would you rather

This quiz is to see if you are daring or not and to see if you would rather be then one doing something dangerous/daring or if you would rather which someone do something dangerous or daring

This quiz is to see if you are daring or not soo please take my would you rather quiz and find out if yu are daring or not. Are you daring enough to take this quiz lol :]

Created by: xXMysteriousXx

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  1. Would you rather: Ride a bike or Ride a dirtbike?
  2. Would you rather: Jump in a bounce house or Do flips off a trampoline?
  3. If you were trying to cross a bussy road and the cars slowed down but there a were a couple coming from down the road but kinda far away would you cross the street or wait?
  4. Would you ever put your hand through fire really quick?
  5. Would you rather watch someone Jump off a diving board into a pool or be the the one jumping?
  6. If someone was going to give you $1000 to jump off a buliding would you?
  7. Do you think you are daring?
  8. When you play truth or dare do you mostly pick truth or dare?
  9. Do you like doing dangerous/daring stuff?
  10. Would you rather: rate or comment?

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