How daring are you?

Are you daring? This quiz has 12 would you rather questions... this will tell you your results with a description. You will be graded on what your answers are.. bla bla bla... etc.

You take this quiz. please! No body ever reads this, I don't know why.. I am so bored, and now I have !)$ characters... i am so bored. Okay so take this quiz.. Scroll down, PLEASE! *takes shower*

Created by: Rainy Moon

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  1. These are would you rather questions, so..... yeah
  2. Eat a worm or a cockroach?
  3. Die by jumping off Niagra Falls or being shot 500 times in the nose?
  4. Go sky diving or Swimming in into a sharks mouth?
  5. asking a guy out in front of your principal, or hugging him in the middle of a field with everyone watching!
  6. Wade in a pool full of POISONOUS STINGRAYS, or sit on a butt?
  7. Fart in front of your boyfriend or getting caught picking your nose in front of him?
  8. Forget to put on deodorant in P.E, or have smelly feet?
  9. Have bad hair all the time or bad teeth all the time?
  10. bungie jump over a herd of killer wildebeest, or get cornered by angry pit bulls?

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Quiz topic: How daring am I?