Can you survive my mind O.o? Lolz prt 3

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Heya yep thats right you know it its part three things get a lil weird for you no clues at all can you survive it or will you end up losing who knows take a chance

My friend totaly wanted a part thre he even helped me with some of the questions hope you all enjoy the series as mush as he did lol me gusta nya well goid luck all

Created by: NellielXoX of Tumblr NellielXoX
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  1. You wake up later feeling quite hungry, you decide to head downstairs to get some food. You notice no one home, but you think that maybe they went out somewhere, you head to the kitchen you open the fridge and instead of food you see a portal that sucks you in. " Damn I knew it was too good to be true!" You fall for what seems hours then you fall on a soft giant black mushroom with red spots.
  2. You jump of the mushroom and walk around and things seem a bit different.,you have entered deeper into my minda little darker morbid. You feel uneasy, you hear russtling in the nearby bushes, you feel an erie prescence in the air you?
  3. Out of the bushes come out cute pink and blue bunnies"aww cute"thats what wou think until they are holding knives and instead of buck teeth they have vampire fangs. You run away you bump into someone that looks like me, yo think its me butnotice she has black hair and her eyes glowinga crimson red, you?
  4. Well what ever you chose the other me looks at you and tells you" to survive the bunnies you must feed them bloody carrots that grow under the ground by the black haunted lake of no return, you?
  5. Well you head to the black lake but as you start to dig for the carrots a Raiju apears its roar sounds like thunder its shaped as a wolf whose whole boddy is wrapoed in lightning, you?
  6. Well you got the carrots after whatever you did in question 5. You head to the girl whose hanging out with the girl from silent hill, she walks toward you" well done" she grabs the carrots and throws the toward the bunnies" your free now you can go back to nelliels normal side of her mind."who are you!?" You ask the girl." I am madori the vampire queen im nells other half", she opens a portal and you walk in . Then start falling and pass out.
  7. You wake up in the middle of the meadow and you see luna looking at you, "ah your alright I see good" she smiles and seems to glow in a heavenly light. Sudenly you look up and to your suprise you see the Raiju heading toward you! You wonder how it escaped from the other half of Nelliel's mind. You get infront of luna to protect her. The Raiju surounds you in a ring of lightning, it then speaks to you. " if you want to survive awnser my riddle if you do not awnser it in the next 10 seconds you must do another riddle of mine " he growls and electricity sparks around the raiju, " awnser this riddle, you met her by the river she gave you a boat who is she?
  8. Well you awnsered too slowly the first time so he gave you another riddle, " these two are brothers, one good one evil who are they?"
  9. This time you aenser quickly so th Raiju sets you free from the lightning surrounding you, it whines as it hears footsteps coming fro m the thick tall wild grass it's?
  10. Its a girl in a black cloak all that can be seen are her golden eyes- she comes closer to you, she pets te raiju withought the lightning harming her"there you are, come on lets go Hiro". She says to the raiju. He obeys and follows, that voice of hers you heard it before, her eyes also then you catch a glympse of her hair,"wait!" You shout but its to late she had left
  11. After she left luna turns to you and hands you the key to the silver gate" here take it you will need it agaib, and take this" she hands you a necklace with a mystical gem. She then flies away. You put the key in your pocket and walk to the opening in the forest, when you see madori and nelliel sitting down in a large table." Well she/he is here- come here" she signals you to sit with them. " so this is the one you chose, is that a good idea she/he seems a little too weak to me" madori says as she smirks, all you do is sit there and watch. " yes she/ge is the one, she/he passed all the tests" you look at them "um..." You mutter." But theres the last test the deadliest of them all" Madori says as she sips her coffee.
  12. They turn to look at you then look back at each other." I believe she/he will make it"i eat a piece of pie and smirk." Yup6 better hppe your right because if not you know whats goin tol happen" madori looks into her cup of coffee then they both get up and face each other and fuse together." Um nelliel what test were you talking about? And what is it for, what is all of this that has been going on for tell me!" I just sigj and sit down. " you must pass the silver Gate test if you survive ill tell you everything" you get up and slam the table with your fist. " so whats the test?"you look at nell in a serious way." I cant tell you I can just show you the path to the silver gate" she opens up a path betwern the trees that lead to the gate, you?
  13. You see a the silver gate and open it with the key luna gave you, you go inside and discover that silver gate is a replica of the real silver gate that stands infron of you glowing brightly and shines. You see the key to the real silver gate you try to get it but it is suddenly surrounded by hostile apis's sacred egyptian bulls and minotaurs aviscious monsters eith head of a bull and body of a human. What the heck will you do? xD
  14. Whatever you chose you survived. " well done you passed the test, now come with me to the parallel castle we.must discuss some important things, the fate if this world and the world depends.on you!" I open a portal and we go in... To be cobtinued if I get good feedbsck comment and rate to continue this quiz

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Quiz topic: Can I survive my mind O.o? Lolz prt 3