Would You Survive in a Another DIMENSION?

Are you a survivor or are you dumb you will find out soon enough a survivor is a smart and intelligent person who knows the outdoors a survivor will do anything to survivor especially in another world!

Would you survive in this dimension are you even pro enough? Find out with this quiz this quiz will determine if have the guts to survive BTW only for pros!

Created by: ZacharyDiger
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  1. You wake up in a strange place and you see a cloaked figure in the distance then you look behind you you see a chest full of candies what do you do???
  2. After doing what you were doing you fell down a hole what do you do?
  3. Im guessing you chose answer 1 if you did(not saying you should)you fell and passed out you wake up and there are people what do you do?
  4. Lets say you talked to them you find out theyre names what do you do?
  5. Pick a name for your character
  6. You partner was chosen by your leader jacob your partner is preston how do you react?
  7. You and preston get K.Oed by a figure you wake up you see it what you do?
  8. You survived you get lost in a maze what do you do?
  9. The END!
  10. See you in part2!(no effect)

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