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NellielXoX here with another quiz I hope you like it rate and comment tell me your score are you an anime fan do you know everything there is to know bout anime lets find out

Lets see what youll get are you otaku or just not an anime fanstic well find out on this quiz of mine lol btw I love ragamuffin hehehe randomness mew mew

Created by: NellielXoX of Tumblr NellielXoX
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  1. Dont you leave me alone again you are my servant! Who says this?
  2. Its your move, it's time to duel! Trick question Who says this?
  3. When we were humans we had our resoning but when we were hallows we usesd instict but now as arrancar we have that reasoning again but you noitora rather use your instincts you are a beast these so I cannot see you as a warrior I will not have the blood of someone whos not a warrior on my hands (me:its long I know) Who says this?
  4. Sit boy I said sit boy! Who says this?
  5. Ragamuffin ragamuffin I got bored. okay the actual question. who has short black hair as nd has a katana and travels with a cello playing chevalier
  6. Lucky star whos the cute girl with long hair and into gaming?
  7. This girl is obvlivioud is into aliens time travelers she forms a club the _o_ bregade
  8. This guy has blonde hair hates being called short
  9. Were almost done bare with me xD ichigo dont die dont die please you dont have to fight anymore please I dont want you to get hurt anymore
  10. Yay were done heres a super hard one She has pink hair and har a pink cowgirl hat she has dark blonde hair and is friends with a plant like creature

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