witch kind of anime are you?

there's nice, mean, fiesty and sexy, and careless. witch eye are you? I think its interesting because there are lot and they look so pretty to me. to tell the truth im am an anime freak.

witch anime are you? take the quiz and post comments pleaseeee!!!!! welllll I hope this was fun and at the same time helpful. thank you for taking my quiz! :)

Created by: marilyn
  1. what is your type of date
  2. what's your stereotype
  3. how would your friends describe you
  4. what is your fashion type
  5. what eye do you think you are
  6. how do you spend your free time?
  7. what are you initials (doesn't affect the quiz)
  8. what pet do you have
  9. do you find this helpful
  10. last question, are you full of yourself

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Quiz topic: Witch kind of anime am I?